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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Detailed Information on Our Free Meal Planner, How it Works, What You Need To Know Before You Start Your Diet

Have you got a weight loss dream?  Yeah?  Well, get ready to make your dream a reality!

With the Diet Bites Meal Planner, you can begin losing weight RIGHT NOW or whenever the diet mood hits you. Simply tune in to Diet Bites and use our planner as a pattern for meal planning.  "Plan, plan, plan" - hum...there is a theme developing here!

The Planner will assist you in establishing a PATTERN for healthier eating, and will show you about how much you should consume per day when dieting.  Please note again that you should meet with your physician or personal nutritionist to establish your 'official' diet game plan.

And that's so true!  

A successful diet is a planned diet.  

A successful diet is a diet NOT a fad.  A successful diet incorporates healthy foods.  A successful diet incorporates necessary fat.  A successful diet incorporates vitamins to ensure total nutrition.  A successful diet incorporates MODERATE exercise (you don't need to look like Mozart after a good workout).

About 8 pounds per month is the ideal weight loss goal to shoot for.

The following menus are safe, pretty healthy (not optimum healthy), and drug - free.  So get going to the Land of Slimdom by using the planners as a pattern for meal planning today, and in the future.

Here is a little bit more information on Diet Bites Free Diet Planner

Before using any recommended meal, you are responsible for getting permission from your family doctor. Use of this planner, as well as any information at this site is at the sole discretion of the reader.  Diet Bites recommends that an individual seek the advice of their doctor before embarking on any weight loss plan. 

The Diet Bites Meal Planner provides detailed menus, including all the recipes.  The calories are calculated for you - about 1,350 calories per day.  

The Diet Bites Meal Planner's recipes consist of things you would find in a 'normal' kitchen.

Some of the main dish recipes will contain meat, which can easily be substituted for standard veggie items.  Therefore, Vegetarians will love our planner too!

Daily meal suggestions include: Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner + 2 Snacks

You can also trade out lunches, breakfasts, and dinners, but you can't trade out a lunch for a dinner, or a dinner for a lunch, etc. The Diet Bites Meal Planner is totally FREE.

Exercise tips are included.  Our main recommendation is walking every other day for 10-20 minutes, and this can be accomplished in several ways (shopping, sports, etc).

You won't need any special tools to use our planner.  You will need a scale to weigh yourself on, a scale to weigh your food on, some measuring spoons, and measuring cups. If you would like to tone while losing, a couple of 2-5 pound weights would be helpful - though a bag of potatoes will do just fine.

Some individuals are highly allergic to certain foods, such as shellfish and strawberries. Of course, in this event, you will need to substitute that ingredient for another.

Additional Diet Planner Info:

*Beverages and drinks: if the liquid is zero calorie then you can enjoy freely. We recommend the reduced sugar juices over the full-blown varieties. There are also many low calorie juices at the market these days that you can enjoy freely; most contain sugar substitutes.

*When thinking about seasonings, consider your spice rack as well as low calorie options. These include: salt, pepper, hot sauce, spices such as curry and chili powder, and even some products which may normally be used as a spread such as mustard and catsup.

* The lower calorie vegetables such as mushrooms, broccoli, cabbage, radishes and sprouts can be enjoyed freely; if the vegetable is green and leafy - it's generally low in caloric values and you can eat freely.

*The caloric values of our diet planners in this series are based on 1,350 per day.  For those dieters who have a lot of pounds to lose, they will require more daily energy and should meet with their doctor or nutritionist to discuss.

* There will be foods on the menus that you may not particularly be fond of; in these situations you should substitute the foods that you enjoy which are comparable in caloric values. Start here with our free menus.


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