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Diet for Women & Men

Written by Diet Bites

What to expect while losing weight, a free example of a healthy diet plan and tips.

All of the information in this article pertains to both women and men. We will address multiple topics that most individuals face while on a fat reduction plan - including the side effects and symptoms while losing - and we even have a healthy example of a free eating plan.

What is a Diet?

In actuality, we are all on a diet - a daily one patterned after the Food Pyramid.

But for many individuals, a diet is a reduced calorie plan for weight loss.

One would be very hard-pressed to name someone over the age of 21 who has not at one time or another, been on a restricted eating plan.

Therefore, losing excess fat is a very popular (albeit dreaded) activity.

The trouble with losing is that it generally takes a lot of hard work, motivation, and patience before the rewards can be reaped. But indeed, all the work involved is definitely worth the effort!

There are so many methods for losing: fad plans, low carb, high fiber, chocolate, rice (oh no Mr. Bill, here come the carbs!), cabbage soup, morning banana, three and seven day methods, Hollywood and Star varieties - and the list goes on and on and on .

If each of us had a dollar for every diet plan that has ever been marketed, we could buy something really nice.

With so many choices, how can an individual choose a plan that will work best for them? Never fear because we're here to parse the confusion.

Beginning on a Healthy Note That Lasts a Lifetime

It's a great time to say that if you are considering a calorie reduced plan, please meet with your doctor to discuss. Why so? For one, you may have a hidden medical condition that triggered the weight gain, or you may have a hidden condition which would make a diet risky for your health. In that event, your doctor may recommend a special eating plan for weight loss to meet your health and nutritional needs.

If you're female, the doctor will want to rule-out pregnancy. If you have a heart condition, or diabetes, your doctor will want to examine the plan you've chosen to ensure that it won't do your body more harm than good.

For example, one rich in sodium (salt) content could prove dangerous for the heart patient. One that is rich in proteins and poor in carbohydrates could result in serious issues for the diabetic.

So bottom line, meet with your doctor before the diet. And if you are like most individuals, getting rid of excess fat is just one of your fitness goals.

Ask your doctor the following questions at your visit:

- What is my recommended weight? AND, how many calories should I intake daily?
- How many servings from each food group would you recommend daily?
- How should I approach physical activity and incorporate that into my fitness plan?
- Is there a particular plan you would recommend for me based on current state of health?
- Are there any serious symptoms I should watch for while dieting that may signal my body is in trouble?
- Are there any safe medications that can assist me that would help me deal with hunger pains?  Part 2 | Part 3 | Part 4

What is That White Filling in Donuts?  |  How to Lose One Pound


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