Diet Winter Potato Soup Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low Calorie Potato Soup, Healthy Meal When Dieting

Our delicious, low calorie and easy-to-make potato soup recipe, a dieter's delight.

Diet Potato Soup RecipeQuick, hearty, economical, healthy, delicious - oh my, it must be our Diet Winter Potato Soup recipe!

Enjoy with a few crackers or a small hunk of fresh bread slathered with no calorie butter spray which you have warmed in your microwave.

Recipe Ingredients for Winter Diet Potato Soup

1 medium potato

1 cup of skim milk

cracked pepper to personal taste

salt to personal taste

2 slices of REAL bacon

1/4 cup of REAL cheese, grated

1 Tablespoon of refrigerated no calorie butter spray

How to Prepare Our Winter Diet Potato Soup

Cook clean potato in microwave for about 6 minutes.  

Allow to cool until the potato can be easily handled and remove the skin. While potato is cooling, cook bacon in microwave.

Mash the potato and place into serving bowl. If you prefer smooth potato soup, completely mash until smooth.

Add milk, salt and pepper and return to microwave until very warm. Remove and add bacon, butter and cheese to the top of soup. Enjoy!

Calories: About 300 calories and this recipe makes a very generous serving of soup.

Not Only Delicious, a Helpful Friend for Fat Loss Results

Potato soup is one of the most wholesome, close-to-nature foods that you can insert into your weight loss plan.

To see how soup can assist in losing body fat, try substituting your last meal of the day with a hearty bowl of your favorite recipe. Be sure to add a whole grain food to your dinner or supper along with a tall glass of low calorie beverage - such as unsweetened iced tea.


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