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Feeling Frustrated Because Dieting is Hard

Are you dieting and feel like pulling out all your lovely locks of hair due to frustration? After all, you have a lot to endure these days.

These reasons are why dieting is hard.

1. You're missing those old food favorites that you can't enjoy while dieting.

Even if you do enjoy a small amount, you'll probably worry about your spree causing weight gain - or you'll feel guilt which is associated with your 'dieting past'.

2. You're having to exercise these days in order to get the most out of your diet plan. You're dealing with aches and pains associated with new activity and it's taking time away from the things that you really enjoy - like surfing the computer and watching tv.

3. When you weren't dieting, everything was so simple. You could eat what you wanted - anytime of the day and as much as you wanted. You could basically fulfill your wants while now - you're having to fulfill your needs. As in 'you need to diet to lose weight'. All of these 'can't do this' and 'can't do that' rules are frustrating.

The Venting Pit

Can we say pit viper? Sometimes it feels that way - like you want to strike out and complain about your diet but there is no one around who will listen, understand, support your feelings, comfort you or agree with you. You're more likely to receive the following responses to the feelings you express from friends, family and frenemies.

Zero Support While Dieting From Family & Friends


a) "I can't listen to you when I have my own problems to deal with, one of which is being overweight. Why should I listen to you when I have the same problem and frankly, I'm just not in the mood to diet right now. Go talk to that friendly-looking rock, why don't ya?


b)"I don't understand why you're so tubby."

Support Your Feelings

c) "So you feel frustrated, who cares?"


d) "Tough T-bone; you need to lose weight."

Agree With You

e) "No I can't agree that you don't need to lose weight because you're not pleasantly plump anymore."

Opposition is hovering at every corner and you feel....well, cornered. Whether no one listens or not, it is very important and vital to your diet to 'vent at will' (NO! Not your brother, Will!).  

Overweight People Telling YOU What to Do

I remember a time when I was horribly ill. I was about 75 pounds overweight at the time.

During the week I was ill I lost 10 pounds. I told my parents because I wanted sympathy for being so ill. Their response was, "Good, you need to lose weight."

I have to laugh about that now, but you really was insensitive of them. And both of them were as overweight as I was at the time.

Sometimes, it works like that. People who are also overweight may express their feelings about their own weight to others by making these-type comments.

And from personal experience, at least my parents - didn't like seeing their daughter overweight - drastically overweight, I might add. It was okay for them to be at that state.

At times, I felt as if they were embarrassed of me.

I felt really injured over their comments and felt they were insensitive. I had been terribly ill at the time. Then again, I'm a very sensitive person.

Positive Venting Can Serve to Release Frustration

Venting releases stress and helps voice your concerns. This is an important key to look for while you are venting:

The Diet Mood Swing                                                                     The Diet Venting Pit

Moods While Dieting

                             The Big Bad Wolf

Finding Solutions & Looking at the Big Picture - Weight Loss Success

Amid your ranting, raving and intense venting session, try to remember what you are so upset about.

This will help you define the problems and find solutions.

You may be upset because you feel as if you aren't eating enough, and that your diet is too restrictive.  You may feel continually hungry.

By focusing on your problem, you will be able to find a solution that will either make your diet more effective, or doable.  

For example, an answer to the above 'venting problem' would be to examine your diet closely and add foods that are high in taste and low in calorie content (such as cantaloupe/cabbage/large salads with light dressing/tasty soups/etc.).

If you aren't able to listen to yourself and define the problem, you risk tossing your diet into The Venting Pit and you sure don't want to do that!!!  Not after all your hard work.!

The Mood Swing

The Big Bad Wolf


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