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Diet Tea & Weight Loss - Dangers of Diet Teas

Can Diet Teas and Herbal Teas Help Me Lose Weight? Are they safe?

Tea is an ancient treasure that can be incorporated into your healthy diet plan.

However, there are many Diet Tea formulas that have made their place in the 'weight loss market' which claim to enhance weight loss.

They may also claim that their key ingredients work 'naturally' to assist the body in burning calories more efficiently by making fat and blood sugar available for body fuels. Bull!

This diet article contains some facts about how the Herbal Diet Teas really work. Turn on your lights before you read because these facts are a bit scary!

Herbal Diet Teas - Stimulant Formula

One formula of Herbal Diet Tea contains stimulants (specifically guarana, kola nut, ma haung and ephedra) that act in the body to suppress the appetite and simultaneously burn fat at a faster rate due to an increase in metabolism. Side effects include nervousness, headaches and the inability to sleep.

Herbal Diet Teas - Diuretic Formula

Another Herbal Diet Tea formula consists of diuretics (locust plant, senna, cascara) which aid in weight loss by emitting water from the body or act as a laxative.

Dangers include a dependency on the teas due to a breakdown of the intestinal muscles.

Side Effects of Dangerous Diet Teas

The teas that act as a diuretic might be more aptly labeled "Tea Tea" rather than simply 'Tea'.  Side effects include: abdominal cramping, fainting, a fluctuation in body temperature, difficulty in breathing and death.

In Conclusion

To date, there are no studies to support weight loss in connection with Diet Teas.

tea for weight lossIn addition, before modern medicine, herbs were used to treat many ailments.

Herbs were indeed the 'Tylenol, Pepto and Vick's' in today's world. Soldiers were often given Valerian Root to treat combat fatigue.

Over time, prescription medications have replaced 'the old ways' and many people don't realize the Potent Powers of herbs and that use in the diet of herbs should be exercised with great caution.

Tea is an ancient treasure that can be incorporated into your healthy diet plan.

The positives of non-herbal teas for weight loss include:

- no calories & almost zero sodium

- lower in caffeine than coffee

- may be enjoyed hot or cold

The negatives of non-herbal teas for weight loss include:

- caffeine is a drug and may cause nervousness

- tea contains salicylate and may cause a reaction in some individuals

- tea is extremely high in tannin which interferes with iron & zinc absorption, as well as the B-vitamins


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