Dieting? It's Taco Time!

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Includes Taco Recipe & Calories in Taco

Tacos are a dieter's feast when prepared with Diet Savvy.  Grab your sombrero and castanets and we'll show you how.


circle03_orange.gif Search and find the leanest hamburger at your local market. Or, opt for lean ground turkey.

circle03_orange.gif Make sure your spices are fresh!  Add the following to one pound of browned meat to suit your personal taste:

2 Tablespoons of ground chili powder
1 Teaspoon of ground cumin
chopped cilantro
1/4 cup of diced onions
garlic powder if desired
salt, cracked pepper

For FIRE ANT TACOS add 1 chopped seeded jalapeno.

COOKING TRICK: add a bit of water to the seasoned meat which will explode the spices through the meat.

For thicker meat, add a bit of corn mesa mixed in water.

Taco meat can also be mixed with mashed or whipped beans for a unique taste that is Diet Delicious!

Vegetarians may opt for black beans over meat or use meat substitute found in the frozen foods section at most markets.


circle03_orange.gif The salad layer of the tacos should be interesting - not just a mix of bland iceberg lettuce and mushy diced tomatoes.  So search for fresh veggies and try this mix:

chopped cilantro
chopped onion
finely grated skim mozzarella cheese
your favorite CRISP lettuce
halved cherry tomatoes
a couple of thin slices of avocado
salt, cracked pepper

Mix all the salad ingredients, then add the juice of one lime.


circle03_orange.gif Several shell options:

corn tortillas - about 40 calories each when 'fried' in a non-stick skillet using no calorie cooking spray OR when layered with paper towels and placed into the microwave for a few seconds

flour tortillas - about 80 - 150 calories depending upon the size of the flour tortilla and the brand used.  May be 'fried' in a non-stick skillet using no calorie cooking spray or heated in the microwave for same number of calories.

lettuce - makes an ultra low calorie taco shell
pita pocket bread
or crush up a couple of corn tortillas and spoon on the remaining ingredients to create a personal taco salad


light sour cream
grated skim mozzarella cheese
chipolte sauce
hot sauce
sliced pickled peppers


How many calories are in a taco?  With so many options mentioned above - a taco may have as many or as few calories as the Little Ol Taco Maker desires.  Here is a pattern for taco calories that might help:

1 corn tortilla shell (40 calories)
1 Tablespoon of taco meat placed into shell
1 Tablespoon of salsa spooned over meat
3/4 cup of chopped salad (chopped cilantro, lettuce, onions, tomatoes) layered on top of salsa

Top with 1 Tablespoon of grated cheese, a teaspoon of lite sour cream and a bit more of the salsa. Total Taco Calories: About 140 


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