Our Top Five Diet Choices at Taco Bell
Based on Calorie Content

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Best Choices for Dieters at Taco Bell

2 Beef, Crunchy Tacos Fresco Style - 300 calories

2 Soft Chicken Tacos Fresco Style - 340 calories

2 Grilled Steak Tacos Fresco Style - 340 calories

1 Bean Burrito Fresco Style - 350 calories

1 Baja Beef Gordita Fresco Style - 250 calories

Oh my - tacos for your weight loss plan, oh yes!

They can fit in nicely as we can easily see by viewing the caloric content above. In addition, they make nifty handheld foods.

This is a fantastic method for losing that unwanted fat - one food meals.

The key to obtaining important vitamins and minerals that are necessary for optimum health, particularly when dieting, is to ensure that the one food selection is rich in such. Does a taco meet these nutritional needs? You bet!

Here is why; that soft or hard tortilla shell contains all of the Food Groups housed within the American Food Pyramid.

Let's take a closer look:

- lettuce, onion, cilantro reside in the vegetable food group

- tomatoes live in the fruit group

- the tortilla itself is a healthy grain group selection

- the ground beef, chicken, pork or beans reside in the protein food group

- and the shredded cheese that is traditionally added to the top is a dairy food group selection

At times, sour cream will be added, thus increasing dairy values.

So, what other foods make great one-food selections?

A cheeseburger that is prepared with extra lean ground beef is a superb choice.

A hearty bowl of reduced fat chili served with whole grain crackers and a serving of reduced fat milk is also a very healthy choice.

A slice of pizza. Oh wow - pizza we say? Oh yes! It too is rich in the Five Basic Food Groups - from the whole grain crust to the cheese to the tomato sauce, lean protein and healthy vegetables.


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