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Body Fat: Six Step Plan to Lose Pounds

Article by Diet Bites


Step 1 - Losing the Fat. Time to Look at Our Current Diet.

This step involves looking at our current daily diet and weeding out the fat. Let's begin with tips to assist:

1. Start with the types of cooking fats that you use in the kitchen because they impact the way that our body distributes pounds when weight gain occurs.

When we use those that are high in the saturated lipids, we're more apt to gain in the abdominal area of the body as well as incur fatty deposits surrounding our vital organs.

We recommend the following oils for your pantry as they hold healthier distributions of fats: extra virgin olive oil, canola, and peanut.

2. While we are looking into our pantry area, what else do we see? Is it stocked with numerous boxes and packages of commercially prepared products? If so, it likely holds significant amounts of fat and sodium.

While most might recommend tossing them out, that's simply too wasteful. Instead, use the products up over time - and when you go shopping again, look for healthier options. Let's look at some very healthy suggestions.

Step 2 - Healthier Alternatives to Panty Foods

For information relating to the five basic food groups and how they can work effectively to rid belly fat forever. Diet Bites supports a healthy weight loss plan built upon the food pyramid and the healthy food groups therein. Any other method for losing belly fat simply doesn't provide a life-pattern for permanent weight loss. Read More

Step 3 - Alternatives to Refrigerated Fatty Foods

We've rampaged through the kitchen pantry, removing foods that are unhealthy for your new diet plan - and now it's time to investigate the refrigerator. What, oh what might we find? Butter? Margarine? Let's see. Read More


Step 4 - How to Win the Weight Loss Battle Using Low Calorie Condiments, Herbs & Spices

These minimal calorie additives can blast flavor into your current diet plan without adding a plethora of calories and fat grams. Let's see what's cooking in our healthy kitchen, shall we? Read More

Step 5 - Time to Time Meals & Establish Daily Calorie Totals

Getting into a scheduled routine sets a healthy pattern for weight loss. It's the best way to retrain the body and to reset the metabolic rate from unhealthy and sluggish to full speed ahead! Read More

Step 6 - Exercise to Shift Fat, Balanced With Relaxation

If we want to get the best results from our diet plan we must also incorporate a fitness plan which contains healthy elements - just as our eating plan contains. We'll show you how exercise can make you feel better while boosting the results of your healthy diet by rendering sweet weight loss results.  Read More

Weight Gain Causes | Weight Loss Plan


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