Best Foods to Fight
Hunger Pain & Appetite

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Fighting hunger naturally with natural foods.

Foods that are rich in fiber work well in keeping hunger at bay, as do foods that are complex carbohydrates.

Foods With Satiety Power to Combat Hunger Pains

Good choices include those packing satiety power.

- a bowl of oatmeal, about 150 calories
- a small baked potato for about 120 calories
- 1 cup of brown rice, about 200 calories

Foods With High Water Content to Fight Hunger Pains

Other great choices that are low in calories, yet filling include the following selections.

- 1 cup of any type melon, 50 calories per cup
- 1/2 of a winter squash
- 1 medium to large banana for about 100 calories

Foods With Substantial Protein to Reduce Hunger Pains

- a serving of your favorite beans, legumes, seeds or nuts
- 1 scrambled egg, another 100 calorie solution for hunger

There are several different methods for losing those excess pounds.

A few include:

- basing your daily meal plate caloric totals on the amount of energy (calories) that your goal weight requires to support;

- reducing the amount of consumed energy to a specific amount or number such as a 1,200 calorie weight loss plan;

- omitting snacks and switching to reduced and zero fat products;

- making healthier choices without going on a calorie restricted weight loss plan and limiting serving sizes to single;

- no dieting, just adding a healthy dose of activity to the daily schedule;

- omitting sugary beverages from the daily diet along with sauces, fatty spreads, gravy and dressings.

In all of the above situations, the dieter will experience hunger at some point.

Everyone experiences the feeling of hunger - or they should at least three times amid their day. Think of hunger as a signal to refuel the body with precious energy.

Even when the individual is overweight, they require refueling. They cannot continue to live if they forego eating and drinking, relying on the fat stored within the fat cells of their body to satisfy the energy needs of the body.

The stored fat is simply that - fat which equals energy when translated by the body. However, gone are the vital nutrients and minerals required by the body.

However, even if a multi-vitamin supplement was applied to a diet containing no food or drink, the individual would grow weak and the end result would be death. Even if they are hundreds of pounds overweight.

With this established, let's return to the area of hunger and dieting.

Let's see an example of a one day diet that can assist in reducing hunger - because it can be annoying and frustrating, and yes - painful; and perhaps the worst of the mix is that while non-dieters experience hunger pains about three times per day - the dieter experiences them much more frequently as the body continues to reduce and adjust to the new diet which contains far less energy that it was used to in the former daily diet.

Meal Plan for Dieters - Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner Menus to Fight or Reduce Hunger Pains

Breakfast: Enjoy a bowl of whole oats along with a banana and a cup of reduced fat milk.

Lunch Meal Plate: Add a serving of beans to your lunch plate along with a serving of your favorite winter squash and a serving of brown rice.

Dinner Meal Plate: Enjoy a scrambled egg between two slices of whole grain bread; you can spread the bread with reduced calorie Mayo or Miracle Whip Light to create an egg sandwich. You can even toast the bread if you wish. For dessert, enjoy a serving of your favorite melon.


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