Diet Pumpkin Soup Recipe

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Rich & Hearty Pumpkin Soup & a Pumpkin Bowl

The 'recipe base' is very simple: cooked pumpkin, cinnamon, ginger & nutmeg if desired and skim milk.

Many recipes for pumpkin soup make use of chicken broth, but I prefer the natural flavors of this beautiful fruit.

Recipe Ingredients for Pumpkin Soup

1 can of pureed pumpkin [or you can prepare from fresh*]
1-2 Teaspoons of Pumpkin Pie Spice
1-2 Cups of Reduced Fat Milk
1/4 Cup of White Sugar - or you can opt for sugar substitute if desired

If you wish, you can use whole milk for a few calories more. The result will be a creamier soup with a smoother texture.

It might be worth those few extra calories as this soup is indeed very minimal in caloric content. The added sugar is the biggest offender where calories are involved.

How to Prepare Our Diet Pumpkin Soup Recipe

To prepare, simply combine all of the ingredients and heat until bubbly hot. I like to add the spices to the pureed pumpkin before adding the milk as they will blend better.

Note that we gave the amounts of spices and milk a wide birth. If you like your soup dense, use less milk. If you like more seasoning, then add more. This recipe is very amendable.

*As to preparing fresh pumpkin, the baby varieties work best as they are specially grown for pies. They tend to be sweeter than the big boys. To prepare, remove the seeds, scoop out the orange flesh, cut into bite-sized chunks and boil until tender. Puree with a blender or hand mixer - or wand. Be sure to wash the cubes before cooking.

One idea that I use often is to hull out the pumpkin and prepare pumpkin soup. Wash out your hulled pumpkin and you have an instant soup bowl!

To cut down on bacteria, you can zap your hulled pumpkin in the microwave for a few seconds.  Be sure to thoroughly rinse out the hull with clean water before filling. Dry with a paper towel, if desired.

Pumpkins Make Beautiful Containers, Not Just for Soup

If you're planning to give your loved one an Autumn flower arrangement, use a hulled-out pumpkin as your base.  Snare a fall-like bow around your creation and fasten a small scarecrow ornament onto the bow OR knit it into your arrangement. The recipient will definitely be dazzled!

Keep in mind that Thanksgiving is just a few weeks away.  A hulled out pumpkin that's filled with fresh & manufacture flowers - such as mums and cranberries will be the WOW of your table.  Add a few long, thin, fragrant candles to your arrangement and DOUBLE WOW!  By the way, you'll probably want to anchor your arrangement in florist's foam or Styrofoam.

Did we mention not to forget to spray the Pumpkin Room Scent?  

Diet Pumpkin Soup Recipe PictureOh, and can we also make a wreath for the door with the mini-pumpkins?  And don't toss out those seeds! Dry them and get the kids involved.  A little glue, a few pumpkins, a bit of color - and perhaps they can create an Autumn Turkey masterpiece.

Pumpkin Varieties

Here are a just a few of the many varieties of pumpkins: Appalachian, Aspen, Atlantic Giant, Autumn Gold, Baby Bear, Baby Boo, Big Max, Big Moon, Caspar, Cinderella, Connecticut Field, Frosty, Funny Face, Ghostrider, Howden, Jack-be-Little, Jack of all Trades, Jack O' Lantern, Jackpot, Little Lantern, Lumina, Mammoth, Munchkin, New England Pie Pumpkin (Small Sugar), Prizewinner Hybrid, Rocket, Rouge Vif d'Etampes (French variety) Small Sugar, Spirit, Spooktacular, Sumo, Sunny, Sweetie Pie, Tom Fox, Trick or Treat, and Triple Treat.

Diet Pumpkin Recipes

If you enjoy eating healthy pumpkin, take a look around Diet Bites.  We feature several diet friendly recipes that highlight the delicious pumpkin. From pumpkin bread to pumpkin pudding, these recipes will delight both the dieter and the non-dieter.  Start with our Article Archives Link below.

Pumpkin Decor

Pumpkins are ultra inexpensive and can be found all about town during the Autumn months. They are fun to decorate - whether you're carving out a Jack-o-Lantern or studding them with jewels, gold rope and fake pearls.


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