Ex-Diet Relationships & Why
They Just Didn't Work Out

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Why former diets failed; how to successfully lose unwanted weight.

Meet Ted's Ex-Diets and discover why the relationships just didn't work out.

Ted has been involved in several diet relationships over the past 30 years in an effort to ditch about 50 unwanted pounds.

Most of his ex-diets have been one-night stands while others lasted several months and were very intense; intimate even.

But none of his ex-diets ever worked out. In fact, there is a commonality that exists among Ted's ex-diets, some very obvious reasons as to why they just didn't work out. Here are ten reasons why.

Complained OR Whined Too Much While Dieting

Ted's ex-diets failed to incorporate things that he COULD enjoy. If an individual 'can't eat this' and 'can't eat that' then an instant problem is guaranteed to develop in the diet relationship.

A successful diet MUST allow things that an individual enjoys to eat. It may mean that you'll need to 'healthy-up' the recipe, or that you'll need to eat a bit less of your favorite, high calorie goody. The diet relationship must be enjoyable to last!

Cold Fish, Didn't Warm Up To Diet Plan

We're not talking sushi here. A diet relationship that is void of a bit of cozying-up is doomed from the beginning. Anyone can 'love' to diet. The key is 'liking' their diet.

Spent Too Much Money

There is a common conception that dieting is actually more expensive than 'not dieting' and actually, that is very true. A box of moon pie goodies runs about $1 and might contain 10 treats while most fruit is about 75 cents a pound - depending upon the type of fruit, of course. So it's very difficult to get 10 pieces of fruit for a dollar - though it can be done.

A better example might be a cheeseburger - which can be found all over town for a 'bargain buck'. Try finding a piece of grilled or roasted chicken breast for that price.

So it's very easy for a diet to cut a big hole into your pocketbook! The key is to look for 'smart healthy buys' and to look past those frozen cardboard boxes in the frozen food section.

They tend to be extremely pricey and the picture on the front of the box is never what you see inside. It's a great cover-up though! Just like make-up and clothing!

Before spending $3 on a piece of frozen tundra that tastes like the cardboard box it's resting inside of, try spending $6 on a packet of chicken breasts.

Next, wheel your shopping cart over to the fresh produce section and grab a head of lettuce and a few tomatoes (about $2.50). Next, toss a loaf of bread into your cart (about $1.50).

Next, add $2 worth of fresh fruit for a total of $12.

Depending on the sales of the day and the amount of breasts in your packet, you can get 4-6 meals for your Market Bucks filled with roasted chicken, fresh crisp salad, warmed bread and succulent fruit. And that's the Diet Naked Truth.

Unable to Follow Directions While Dieting

Ted's diet relationships were so complicated that he was unable to follow the directions. Keep your diet relationship simple and to the point so you won't stray into temptations along the way.

Too Much Pampering

Too much Diet Pampering can be as bad as not enough Diet Pampering. One has to be tough in order to stay true to their plan and lose all the excess pounds.

Couldn't Cook, So Settled on Fat Fast Food

Fast food equals fast calories! Ted didn't make time in his diet relationships to learn the art of healthy cooking.

Dieting takes time because a) one must adjust to a healthier eating pattern and b) one must be willing to learn about the foods they eat so they'll know how much to eat of a certain food, or what nutrients that food contains to ensure optimum health.

One way to save time is to prepare several healthy meals in advance. It's a great way to avoid eating something that you really didn't want to eat during your diet relationship.

Never Brought Me My Dinner On Time

Most diet relationships involve a similar problem. I have a jingle for this which is: "Eating late isn't great for your weight."

Always Shopping Until She Dropped

Keep your diet menu SIMPLE! If your recipes are packed with exotic foods from the desert or the depths of the Red Sea, you're going to be spending far too much time shopping and preparing meals for your diet relationship - not to mention big bucks. Squid from Madrid costs.

Spent Far Too Much Time in Bathroom

Ahh - the old bathroom/kitchen scenario that ensues after the big shopping spree.

Once you arrive home and settle into your kitchen to 'work', after 2 hours of kneading and marinating, your appetite will generally get the best of the situation and you're apt to find yourself opening up a can of fat-filled chili before you starve to death.

So keep it simple!

Diet Was Boring, Uninteresting & No Fun at All

All of Ted's diets were also very boring and unfun. Fact is, if your diet relationship isn't fun then it just won't last.

So there we have it, the ex-diet relationship. I hope that you've gathered something useful from this article. But keep in mind that knowledge is of little good unless we put it into motion. Meet Jen's Ex-Diet


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