The Most Important Outcome
From Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Weight Loss is just one objective for dropping pounds.

Dieting for Losing Pounds vs Improved Health

Some people say that the most important outcome of weight loss should be weight loss - while others argue it should be good health.  It's neither....

The most important thing that should arise from the weight loss process is the establishment of a healthy eating pattern.

Without that, in time after the diet has ended, weight will be regained - and in most instances, they dieter will regain more weight than they lost.

Being as close to our recommended weight cuts health risks.  

Being active also cuts health risks and keeps our body conditioned. However, without a healthy eating pattern, being that recommended weight becomes an almost impossible task.

Establishing a Healthy Eating Pattern Key to Permanent Weight Loss

The eating pattern also impacts our activity levels, our energy levels, and our self-esteem.

Once the weight is lost, the dieter should take a critical look at their eating pattern and digest what they have learned through dieting.

Then they use that knowledge in their daily diet going forward so that they never have to lose weight again, for they now have a Pattern for Weight Loss - a Healthy Eating Pattern.

How Can I Get Slim?

Tired of trying to ditch weight over and over again with little or no success? Time to give your weight the pink slip!

You'll need a few good Diet Things before you set out on your Journey to Slim. First, you'll need to set your mind to the course ahead and don't look back at those giant Diet Waves once you set out on your Slim Journey.  

Remember what happened to Sally Lot when she looked back, and you don't want to have to worry about pillars of salt while dieting, do you?

Too much sodium won't do for a good diet plan.

Healthy Tips for Getting Slim

- Choose a GOOD diet plan that incorporates healthy foods, healthy snacks, moderate exercise and one that supports a positive mind-set.

- Make sure that you have a backup plan in place should your diet go awry.

- You'll know BEFORE you begin your diet if you are going to succeed or fail.  

If you are determined, then nothing will deter your journey towards weight loss success.  

Keep in mind - even if you have a lot of weight to lose - that you are already thin IN YOUR MIND. It's just going to take your body a bit longer to get there, too.


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