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How Many Calories in an Omelet?

Written by Diet Bites

Comparison of omelet caloric values; how to reduced omelet calories.

Because eggs are such a popular food with individuals who are on a weight loss plan, omelets are quite popular too. So what is the caloric value on an omelet? How many calories are contained therein?

It depends on what ingredients the omelet is comprised of; dieting is never that easy, now is it?

Therefore, let's calculate, shall we?

The Standard Omelet Recipe

2 eggs
1 slice OR 1 ounce of cheese
salt & pepper to taste
chopped bell pepper, onions & mushrooms, if desired
1 Tablespoon of butter to cook the omelet in

Total Calorie Count: about 325 caloriesomelet recipe

The Diet-Wise Omelet Recipe

1 egg plus 1 egg white
1 ounce of skim mozzarella cheese, grated
salt & pepper to taste
chopped bell pepper, onions & mushrooms, if desired
non stick cooking spray to cook the omelet in

Total Calorie Count: about 150 calories

Diet Omelet Tips

As we can quickly see, there are just a few differences between the 325 calorie omelet and the 150 calorie omelet. Making these simple changes saves about one-half of the caloric values. Let's take a deeper look at the recipe differences.

Egg White Versus Egg Yolk

You can save calories by substituting the egg white for the yolk (use 2 whites to one yolk). The white contains about 17 calories and the yolk, about 50 in a large-sized egg. In addition, you'll be saving a significant amount of cholesterol milligrams as 100% of the cholesterol content is in the yolk of the egg.

To save even more calories, use egg-substitute. One-fourth cup contains a tiny 25 calories. With cheese and the vegetable ingredients, your omelet will contain less than 100 calories if cooked with the non stick cooking spray.

Cooking Spray Versus Butter

Butter contains a little over 100 calories per serving (1 Tablespoon). The cooking spray contains zero calories as well as zero dietary fat grams while the butter contains almost 12 grams of total fat, over 7 of those in the form of saturated fat. That tiny Tablespoon also contains 31 cholesterol grams. There's a lot of badness in butter that make it a formidable foe for the heart.

Keep in mind that cooking spray is available in several flavors - from buttery flavor to olive oil. Both work well with omelet recipes.

Regular Cheese Versus Skim Based and Reduced Fat Cheese

Regular cheese contains about 100 calories per ounce while the reduced fat varieties contains about half the amount of caloric values. The added health perk for reduced fat cheese is a vast decrease in cholesterol content as well as total fat content - specifically the bad fat - saturated.

For example, per ounce Colby cheese contains 112 calories, 9.10 fat grams, 6 grams of saturated fat, 27 cholesterol milligrams and 194 mg of calcium. Reduced fat Colby contains 49 calories, 1.98 fat grams, 1.23 grams of saturated fat, 6 cholesterol milligrams and 118 mg of calcium per ounce.

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