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How Many Calories in a Homemade Hamburger?

Written by Diet Bites

Creating a masterpiece hamburger that can fit into your healthy weight loss plan.

There are many health advantages to preparing your hamburger at home rather than purchasing it at the fast food joint. You attain control over the quality as well as the quantity of ingredients that go into your burger.

Calories in a Hamburger With Cheese

Without the meat, here's the general calorie content:

Large Bun - 150 calories, but some contain over 200
Lettuce Leaf - 10 calories

Onion slices - 10 calories

Tomato slices (3 thin or 2 thick slices) - about 15 calories

Cheese - 1 slice at about 100 calories

Pickles - Allow 5 calories

As a note, pickles are more of a health threat due to the sodium content than the calorie content.

Totals Without the Meat: 290 calories with cheese and 190 calories without cheese.

Subtracting Calories From Your Burger by Making Healthier Ingredient Choices

You may be able to subtract some of the cheese calories depending on:

1) if you want cheese on your burger and,

2) you choose a lighter calorie, reduced fat cheese.

Now let's look at those meal values. When you go to the market, check your ground beef package which will contain the calorie content based on a three ounce serving size. Calorie content can differ up to 250 calories per serving, depending on the cut of the ground  beef; basically - how much fat and how much lean are in your product. 

You can use an inexpensive kitchen scale to weigh your ground beef for total accuracy - or at least, as near to accurate as possible. Or, you can look at the weight of the package of ground beef; if it contains one pound - then you know that you can get about five nice hamburger patties out of the package. Use your eyes and go for it.

Ground Beef Calories

Raw State

Caloric Values

Cooked State: Grilled, Broiled, Pan-Fried No Added Oil

Caloric Values

Type of Ground Beef

1 Pound

4 Ounces

Type of Ground Beef

1 Pound

3 Ounces

5% Fat, 95% Lean



5% Fat, 95% Lean



10% Fat, 90% Lean



10% Fat, 90% Lean



15% Fat, 85% Lean



15% Fat, 85% Lean



20% Fat, 80% Lean



20% Fat, 80% Lean



30% Fat, 70% Lean



30% Fat, 70% Lean



The Mayo Factor

This can add an additional 100 or more calories to your homemade hamburger - so this is a 'watch it, buster' moment. Healthier options include yellow or spicy mustard or your favorite low calorie, fat reduced salad dressing.

Lower Caloric Options for Burgers

Other options for meat that might be a healthier choice for your diet plan include: roasted chicken, vegetable burgers found in the frozen section of the market, or ground turkey.

With a little Diet Ingenuity, your large burger could weigh in at 350 calories or less! How so? Here are our best tips for reducing homemade hamburger calories:

- Skip the cheese and go with a 100% hamburger;

- Use the leanest ground beef available; it's more expensive than the cheaper cuts but it will not cook down so you'll use less;

- Use the smaller hamburger buns that contain about 100 calories;

- Skip Ms. Mayo and reach for Mister Mustard and his pal, Mister Ketchup

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