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10 Ultra Low Calorie Foods

Written by Diet Bites

Foods that contain minimal calories for the daily diet.

Looking for fruits that are ultra low in calories?  Here's our top ten picks:

- 1/2 grapefruit (use Splenda or Equal to sweeten) - 35 calories
- 3 medium apricots - 51 calories
- 1 cup cantaloupe - 55 calories
- 1/2 cup of cherries - 37 calories
- 1 cup of cranberries - 45 calories
- 1 cup of grapes - 55 calories
- 1 medium guava - 45 calories
- 1 cup of honeydew melon - 60 calories
- 1/2 papaya (about 5 1/2 ounces) 60 calories
- 1 medium peach - 40 calories

All Selections From Fruit Group

You may notice that all of the foods that we’ve listed are from the healthy fruit group.  This does not mean that foods from other groups aren't also low in caloric content.

For example, almost all of the foods that are housed within the vegetable food group are minimal in caloric content.  One cup of raw spinach contains about seven calories.  Another example is 1 cup of lettuce which contains about five calories.  There are very few foods within the vegetable group which are substantial in caloric content as well as dietary fat.

Vegetables With Higher Caloric Content

Potatoes, corn, sweet potatoes, and winter squash tend to hold more calories than most of the other foots within the vegetable group yet they are still low in caloric content when compared to processed foods.

While you are on a weight loss plan it is important to keep in mind that all foods in their natural state come to the table and with minimal calories and fat grams.

Example of Healthy Meal Plate Due to Planning While Dieting

Let’s look into the kitchen a dieter Annie. She is preparing her dinner and one of the foods on her meal plate is a baked potato.  In her former unhealthy diet Annie would have fried the potato in bacon grease to add flavor to the potato.

Now that Annie is on a weight loss plan, she has learned to enjoy the earthy flavors of the potato and because of such she now prefers this flavor over the potato that was prepared using bacon grease.

She also has a serving of grilled onions on her meal plate for dinner time. 

Comparisons to Former Unhealthy Diet

In her former unhealthy diet, she would have sliced the onion and then dipped it into a batter consisting of flour and cornmeal. Then she would have dipped the battered onion into cooking oil. And finally she would have dipped the fried onion rings into a fatty ranch dressing - yes, the full-blown variety containing full-blown calories and fat.

Back in her unhealthy diet those onion rings would have contained about 500 calories for 10 rings.  For that amount of calories she can enjoy an entire meal in her new weight loss plan. In fact - for that amount of calories she can enjoy almost ten servings of her favorite chicken noodle soup - or four servings of her favorite morning breakfast cereal or more than three chicken tacos - or 18 ounces of her favorite grilled fish.

Another technique that Annie uses in her new diet is to combine foods from the different food groups into her recipes to achieve the maximum nutritional values from her meals while adding tons of flavor to her foods. Natural foods work wonderful well to create gourmet-like meals.

For example, rather than preparing a side salad of chopped lettuce and cherry tomatoes, Annie now tosses in a few healthy ingredients to join the lettuce and tomatoes.  She might add dried cranberries, English walnuts, reduced fat cheese, and hulled sunflower seeds. 

And rather than drowning her salad in fatty dressing, she uses balsamic vinegar these days which contains a skinny five calories per serving.

In summary:  Like Annie, by making a few changes to your daily diet you can save calories and fat which in turn can promote excellent weight loss results.

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