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Food Choices Matter in a Big Weigh - The 1,810 Calorie Menu

The intention of this menu is to demonstrate the power of food choices.  This menu is based on the Diet Bites Food Comparison Chart below using the maximum daily servings allowed.  

The chart contains a little over 1,800 calories and again is intended to illustrate the power of food choices.  

However, the menu can be used while dieting and can easily be adjusted to meet your calorie needs.  The calorie content for all the foods on the menu is listed on the chart below.

Click here for Chart 2 which weighs in at a hefty 3,590 calories.  

Besides the big gap in calories, the only difference in the charts is that one incorporates foods that contain less calories.  

We used the same maximum daily servings allowed on both charts.  Here is our menu for Chart 1 - the 1,810 calorie diet menu.

Breakfast Menu

1 cup of skim milk

1/2 grapefruit sprinkled with Splenda

1 serving of oatmeal using Splenda to sweeten; add no calorie butter spray and a bit of the skim milk

*2 slices of toast with no calorie butter spray

*Diet Tip:  You can also spray bread of any kind with butter flavored cooking spray, then place under broiler or on top of stove in a non-stick pan.  You may not can tell the difference between the no-calorie spray and real butter BUT your weight scales sure will!

Lunch Menu

1 cup of skim milk

1/2 cup of broad beans

1/2 cup of brown rice with no calorie butter spray, rice and pepper added

1/2 cup of hominy - salt, pepper, no calorie butter spray added

1/2 cup of turnips - salt, pepper, no calorie butter spray added

2 slices of wheat bread

3 apricots

Mid-Afternoon Snack: 1 cup of grapes

Dinner Menu

Nautical Salad - toss the following together: 3 ounces steamed shrimp, 1/4 cup raw spinach, 1 boiled egg, sliced, 1/2 cup cold wild rice, 1 cup spinach pasta, bit of olive oil, salt, pepper and dried rosemary (part of fat calories).

Salad Mix - toss the following together and add salt and pepper: 1/2 cup of grated zucchini, 1 cup chopped lettuce, 1 small chopped tomato, 1/4 cup raw spinach, Low calorie salad dressing (part of fat calories).

Dessert: 1 cup of cubed cantaloupe

Bed-Time Snack: 1 cup skim milk flavored with a shot of vanilla extract and a bit of Splenda


Menu for Chart 2 Weighing in at a Hefty 3,590 Calories

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