Weight Gain Due to Exhaustion

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Eating Problem: Exhaustion

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circle03_orange.gif E. Susie may be so tired and exhausted that her diet is breathing in the deadly fumes of evil weight gain.

Dieter Susie is so tired after a hard day at the office.

When morning comes, she is almost as tired as when she went to bed. Could that excess baggage be dragging Susie down?

Many times, unnecessary pounds do weigh an individual down and of course - it's always a good idea to get a doctor's formal opinion, particularly in cases where the individual is so tired they find difficulty just making it through the day.

For argument's sake, let's pretend that Susie is tired due to her unnecessary baggage.  

At this point, obesity becomes a viscous circle because the individual is too tired to work on planning out a healthy daily diet and on the other hand, they will continue to feel tired until the weight comes off.

In such cases, the following suggestions might render a doable solution for exhausted Susie.

Working Towards Building a Healthier Daily Diet to Combat Exhaustion

1. Susie must time to work towards a healthier diet or her exhaustive problems will continue to mount.  Cutting sugar, fat and processed foods might help her get back that Diet Zing!

More Time for Relaxation

2. It might help for Susie to take time out of her busy schedule to simply relax.  If the house goes without a cleaning for a day or two, the bottom won't drop out.

Vacation to Reset Balance

3. Many times, a vacation may reset our bodies.  But Susie should take care not to over-do on eating.  Unfortunately, vacations commonly lead to weight gain.

Relaxing Tips to Help an Exhausted Body Unwind

4. Allowing a few nice treats at the end of a hectic day may be of help.  A warm bath, a hot cup of tea, some soothing lotion, the scent of a lavender candle, a snuggly blanket, even a small dark chocolate - such as a Hershey's Kiss where calories are controlled, and savored.

5. A day at a spa or a massage might also help energize Susie. Part 1 of this Diet Article: Weight Gain Due to Daily Diet, Busy Schedule

Which Foods for Best Fat Loss Results?

Grain Group: This is the very foundation of the official American Food Pyramid and the human body requires more servings from this group than from any other.

Look for whole grain cereals and serve with low fat milk with slice fresh fruit. This breakfast menu is low in calories, high in dietary fiber, low in fat and contains servings from three different food groups: Grain, Fruit and Dairy.

For a serving of protein, grab a serving of lean jerky - either turkey or beef for your morning snack. It'll keep you feeling satisfied until lunch time arrives.

When it comes to the noon meal - or the middle meal of the day, because everyone doesn't enjoy their middle meal at high noon, let's see which low fat foods we can pick for our meal plate that are also low in caloric content.

What about a yummy sandwich prepared with whole grain bread? The oatmeal recipes are quite tasty - as are the pumpernickel and rye.

What should we spread on our bread? Mayo or mustard?

Let's go with the mustard to keep values low.

Let's also add lean slices of ham, a slice of cheese and lettuce and slices of ripe tomato to our sandwich. Grab some fresh carrot sticks for the side - and a couple of pieces of fruit. And for our beverage? Wholesome low fat milk. Low Fat Fruit Group Selections


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Weight Gain Due to Exhaustion

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