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How Many Eggs Can I Eat Per Day, Safely?

Written by Diet Bites

Should eggs be limited in the daily diet and what is the current recommendation?

Before we blurt out a number, there are so many things that we eat during the day that contain eggs in one form or another - from breads to sweet little nothings, from sauces to salads, from quiches to casseroles - and sometimes the eggs are so concealed, we don't even realize we are eating them.

Therefore, when you tally-up your egg-allotment for the day, those 'loose eggs' must also be a portion of your total egg consumption.  

Recommended Number of Eggs Per Day

Recent studies indicate that an egg per day is 'healthy' for those individuals that aren't experiencing cholesterol related problems, or health problems associated with the heart. In those type of situations, you must get your doctor's evaluation of your daily diet and their professional recommendations for the 'safe' levels of cholesterol that you can input in your daily diet without negatively impacting your health issues.

Keep in mind that the average egg yolk contains over two-thirds (213 mg) the recommended daily allowance (300 mg) of cholesterol. And that's no yolk!

And while we are on the subject of health issues related to high cholesterol, if you are impacted with this issue and if you're taking medication to get your cholesterol back to healthy readings - and if you're relying totally on the medication to accomplish such, please reconsider this plan of action. If you'll just pause and rethink your daily diet and how it is negatively influencing your cholesterol readings - along with those unhealthy pounds, you'll see that the logical approach to achieving a better state of health is to make a few changes to your lifestyle.

Rather than grabbing for the fried fries, reach for a small baked potato. Rather than added full-blown butter to the small potato, add a spoon of reduced fat margarine.

Rather than salting it until the potato looks like it is covered in white glitter, add just a dash of salt and place the larger focus on cracked pepper. When it comes time to add the sour cream - do you really need it? Can you 'live' without it? If not, will reduced fat sour cream be satisfactory? If not, will less of the regular sour cream be satisfactory?

If you're planning to add bacon bits, can you work around adding the skinnier 'real bacon bits' that come in a jar rather than pan-fried bacon? What about chopped cooked broccoli florets? Chopped tomatoes? And rather than full-blown shredded cheese, will something slimmer be satisfactory?

What does the rest of your meal plate look like? Are you having fried chicken? What about taking it to the grill - or pan roasting it rather than frying in oil?

Grilling can be a satisfying experience in itself. There is just something about watching those flames lick the food as we become totally mesmerized by the process. And the smells wafting off that big old grill are absolutely divine. Better yet, the grilling or pan roasting cooking methods trim a plethora of fat and calories from the chicken - or from any other food that is prepared in this manner over the frying method.

Let's look at the rest of the meal plate and see how it can be slightly changed to improve health in a big way. Do you really need three slices of fried corn cakes? What about one or two slices of a whole grain bread?

And the beverage - a sugary cola which contains more empty calories than the moon has cheese. That drinking container that you're using - how big is it? Does it hold one cup, two cups or more? If the beverage contains 150 calories per cup, then that two cup container is going to top out at about 300 calories. That's enough for another small baked potato with all the works - with calories left over.

Other than a healthier daily diet there are many other things that can bring your state of health back into balance without relying on medications to accomplish such. Adding a healthy dose of activity to your day - as well as alleviating stress can work wonders in lowering blood pressure as well as bad cholesterol.

With this said, we encourage you to investigate these healthier options which may even improve your condition so well that you can leave those expensive medications in the past.

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