Carb Restriction
Egg Addiction in the Diet

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

The health impact of eggs in the daily diet.

The future may finally unveil the true egg-cholesterol relationship due to the popular carbohydrate restricted diets these days.

Most of these types of fad weight loss plans do not limit egg consumption. It's not unpopular for the dieter to consume several eggs per day while Carbing Down.

We've interviewed individuals who were eating half a dozen eggs for breakfast while on a carbohydrate restricted diet plan.

Cholesterol Content of Eggs, Extreme

Yes, that's quite an alarming thought, considering that eggs are extreme in cholesterol. One cup of eggs - which equal almost five large eggs, contains 904 mgs of cholesterol. Even one small egg contains 141 cholesterol mgs. An extra large egg contains 208 while a jumbo contains 234.

While eggs are very low in caloric content and provide a good amount of protein, the cholesterol content should be taken very serious by all dieters and non-dieters alike.

Daily Recommendation for Eggs

Health experts currently recommend no more than one egg per day in the diet, and this takes into consideration eggs that have been used to prepare ALL of the food that is eaten throughout the day.  

In other words, you may have an egg for breakfast, but that means that everything else that you eat during the day shouldn't contain any egg - specifically, the yolk from which stems the cholesterol concern. The white of the egg is cholesterol-free.

If Betty enjoys a scrambled egg for breakfast the official guidelines tells her that she should avoid that serving of pasta for lunch as well as that slice of quiche for dinner. If there is a potato salad at the table and it contains chopped eggs, then it's another no-no for Betty based on the current guidelines.

It will be interesting indeed, to see what unfolds regarding the egg and cholesterol connection. Will the Carb Dieters face heart disease?  Or will they chart new territory in disproving that eggs can be eaten in great quantity without ill effects on the human body?

Until that time it makes good sense to limit the consumption of eggs. If heart disease is an issue in your family, you may want to pay even closer attention where cholesterol is concerned.

Foods High in Cholesterol Content

Other foods that are extreme in dietary cholesterol content include the following:

Food Selection

Serving Amount, Preparation Method

Cholesterol mg

Chicken Giblets

Simmered - 1 Cup


Turkey Giblets

Simmered, 1 Cup


Beef Liver

Pan Fried, 3 ounces


Fast Food Biscuit, Egg & Sausage

1 Biscuit


Croissant, Egg, Cheese, Bacon

1 Croissant



3 ounces


Roasted Duck

1/2 duck, meat only


Potato Salad

1 Cup


Spinach Souffle

1 Cup



1 Cup


Blue Crab

1 Cup


Eclair, chocolate glaze

1 Eclair


Ricotta Cheese, whole milk

1 Cup


Canned Sardines

3 ounces


Other foods which contain high amounts of cholesterol include fast food hamburgers, cheeseburgers, red meats, potato pancakes, pork loin, ice cream, swordfish, pound cake prepared with butter, potatoes prepared au gratin, haddock, chocolate cake, egg noodles, sockeye salmon, plain waffles, fast food hot dogs, chili, French toast, flounder, pecan pie, enchiladas, cottage cheese, white chocolate, ham, corn muffins, butter, beef stew, Cheddar cheese as well as other varieties of cheese - and the list goes on and on.

Limiting these foods in the daily diet can assist in promoting good heart and circulatory health - and can help you drop unwanted pounds in the process.


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