High Calorie Foods & Weight Gain

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Eating Problem: High Calorie, High Fat Foods

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circle03_orange.gif B. Susie may have a passion for high calorie, high fat foods. It only takes a few nibbles for calories to mount onto those hips and thighs.

Here are a few solutions that might assist Dieter Susie in conquering her high calorie passions:

1. In many individuals, the more sugar one consumes, the more sugar one wants to consume.  Sugar is very addictive.

Susie might do well in not only cutting back her Sweet Tooth, but adding a sugar substitute to her daily diet OR adding part sugar and part sugar substitute.  

Foodnote™: A cup of sugar contains about 800 empty calories.

2. Adding peeled, fresh fruits OR dried fruits to recipes rather than sugar might also help cut back calories.

3. Fat consumption is another culprit when it comes to high calorie foods.  A skinny onion suddenly becomes a scary onion when deep-fat-fried.  Susie may do well in soothing her passion for high calorie foods by dragging out her grill, her herbs, her spices and a handsome guy to cook the batch of lean chicken breasts that she purchased at the market.  Talk about fresh!

4. Adding cinnamon and a dusting of sugar OR sugar substitute to both cooked veggies and cooked fruits may help satisfy Susie's passion for high calories.  

Example: 1 serving of sweet potatoes sprinkled with a bit of cinnamon, a few sprays of no calorie butter, a spoon or two of sugar substitute and Susie is suddenly in Dieter's Paradise!  

This diet cooking tip also works well on cooked carrots, winter squash, apples, peaches and pears.  

Susie will save a plethora of calories and receive great satisfaction from both her weight scales and her self-esteem.

Eating Schedule Issues & Weight Gain

circle03_orange.gif C. Dieter Susie's eating schedule may be fueling her eating problem. Here are a few solutions that might assist Dieter Susie in conquering situations contributing to her weight gain:

1. Susie may be eating too late in the day which tends to pack on many pounds.  Late eating makes it almost impossible for the dieter to burn off the consumed calories, so unless they have experienced a day of very light eating OR plan to disco until the sun rises, caution should be exercised.  

Late Evening Snacking & Weight Gain

2. Late evening snacking should also be addressed.  Cutting out snacks entirely doesn't always work to the dieter's advantage because they began to miss their old diet way of life and yearn to return to fun living.

With that said, adding healthy snacks is a smart idea.  Our picks include: hot air popcorn, fresh fruit, fresh veggies, rice cakes and pretzels.

Missing Meals Triggers Weight Gain Issues

3. Finally, Susie needs to ensure that she isn't missing meals throughout the day.  While dieting, it's a good idea to keep the metabolism fueled for a steady burn.


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