Carbohydrates & Metabolism Chart

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Carbohydrates in the Daily Diet

Carbohydrates provide the body with a blast of quick energy and when healthy complex foods are chosen, they can keep the body feeling satisfied for quite a long while.

You should aim to get at least one-half of your daily Grain Group servings in the form of whole grain goodness.

Liver's Actions in Metabolic Process

When carbohydrates enter the digestive track, the liver converts monosaccharides into Glucose. The Glucose is converted to Glycogen which is converted to fat - which in turn is burned as fuel for the body.

Monosaccharides, Cellulose

The carbohydrates are broken down into monosaccharides - Glucose, Galactose and Fructose. Digestive enzymes - saliva and other digestive juices begin to act in breaking down ingested carbohydrates - starch, sugar and cellulose.

Cellulose will pass virtually unaltered through the digestive track.

Amid the final digestion process, once the glucose is absorbed into the body's bloodstream, it can be distributed throughout the body or used directly by cells in the human body.

Carbohydrate Metabolic Chart

Have you considered a diet that is restricted in carbohydrates as a means for weight loss?

Specifically, rapid weight loss? If so, this is something that you need to take very seriously before going forward. Here's why. Let's say that Dieter Phillip has decided to go on a carbohydrate restricted diet plan.


He hasn't been feeling in good health for quite some time now and all of the added weight needs to come off; he is certain that he'll feel eons better once he gets rid of these unhealthy 50 pounds.

Negative Health Impacts of Carb-Restricted Diet Plan

During the first week while he is at work he starts to feel dizzy. And as he is rushed to the emergency room, he passes out.

After he arrives at the hospital, he is diagnosed with kidney issues and learns that he has a hidden medical condition - diabetes.

Low carbohydrate weight loss plans can trigger rapid weight loss because they generally contain rich sources of protein which stimulates activity within the kidneys. Much of the weight that is lost is water weight rather than fat loss.

This is exactly the situation with our dieter Phillip.

Because of his hidden health condition, things could have turned out much worse.

A week later he is released from the hospital and put on a sensible daily diet by his doctor.

He goes on to lose all the unwanted weight - down to his recommended healthy weight. His blood sugar levels are now stabilized and Phillip is feeling pretty good these days.


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