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Calorie Free Foods

Written by Diet Bites


Diet, Foods & Calories - Foods Containing zero to minimal calorie values.

Is there anything in the pantry that is calorie-free? Calorie-free is going to be a bit difficult to find, but the following 25 foods come pretty close:

1. Grapefruit: 1/2 grapefruit with Splenda or Equal - 37 calories; grapefruit is a favorite food among dieters - so popular that diets have been built around them. They come in many varieties - from pretty in pink to juicy red.

2. Melon:1/2 cup of most any melon - 30 calories and there are so many varieties to choose from painted in all colors of the rainbow by Mother Nature herself.

From red and orange in our skinny watermelon to orange in our delicious round cantaloupes to green in our humongous honey due melons. The perk when it comes to melons is that they come inall types of shapes and because most are very large they make a good buy for our buck.

3. Lemon, Lime: 1 lemon or 1 lime - about 10 calories each; spray a few squirts into a glass of club soda or water and add a spoon of sugar or sugar substitute. Lemon works wonderfully well on most species of grilled, broiled, pan-seared, roasted or baked fish as does rosemary and lemon pepper. If you haven't ever tried lemon pepper, I encourage you to do such. It's mild in flavor and can add a new twist to many varieties of meat such as chicken.

4. Orange:1/2 orange - about 30 calories; squeeze the juice of a fresh orange onto a pan of pan-roasted chicken to add flavor and give your recipe a sweet flavor. When my father experienced episodes of low blood sugar - which is worse than high blood sugar because it literally destroys the heart, his doctors recommended bringing his sugar blood levels up by drinking a glass or two of orange juice - unless his symptoms of low blood sugar had reached serious levels.

5. Peach:1 peach - about 51 calories; a small peach contains about the same amount of calories that a rice cake contains - imagine that. In addition it's packed with far more nutritional values and contributes to the recommended daily servings required from the Fruit Food Group.

6. Plum: 1 plum - about 30 calories based on a 2 1/8 diameter size. What is a dried plum? A prune. Although prunes contain more sugar grams than its fresh plum counterpart, they are dried - thus they contain fewer calories per fruit. One prune contains 23 calories.

Because dried fruits are smaller than their counterpart, it's very easy to consume these delicacies in large amounts. Therefore, while one plum contains more calories than a dried plum (prune), prunes contain more calories per grams.

To acquire the true nutritional picture we need to examine the values per 100 grams as bulk of the fruit enters the caloric and sugar content equation. The weight of serving size truly impacts resulting nutritional data:

Per 100 grams prunes contain 240 calories and 39.13 grams of sugar. Per one fruit, prunes contain 23 calories and 3.62 sugar grams.

Per 100 grams plums contains 46 calories and 9.92 grams of sugar. Per one fruit, plums contain 30 calories and 6.55 sugar grams.

7. Strawberries: 1/2 cup strawberries - 22 calories; a tasty healthy raw salad is a mix of raw baby spinach mixed with sliced strawberries and low calorie raspberry and walnut salad dressing. Frozen strawberries are also a smart snack choice as they take longer to eat than their fresh counterpart.

8. Eggs: 2 scrambled egg whites prepared with non stick spray - about 30 calories; the white of the egg contains zero cholesterol grams and is so low in caloric values - about 17 per large egg white.

9. Gum: 1 stick of chewing gum - sugar free OR regular contain the same 5 calories in many brands while some brands of regular gum contain a skinny 10 calories. As a note, chewing gum builds muscles in the jaw, making the face appear larger in the jaw line area. If you are experiencing issues related to your ears - such as sporadic earache, chewing gum may intensify the issue.

10. Cabbage: 1/2 cup of cabbage - about 15 calories; while cabbage is light and lean and beautifully green, it is notorious for creating gastric issues.

11. Carrot: 1 carrot - about 25 calories; this vegetable is oh-so-good for vision health. And that crunch associated with the carrot can't be matched. While baby carrots are cute they aren't grown that way and are shaped by machines from the long common carrot. You know - the one preferred by Buggs that had all that fluffy green stuff hanging off the end.

12. Cauliflower: 3 florets of cauliflower - 13 calories; this vegetable is terrific when consumed in its raw state and works well as a party appetizer.

13. Celery: 1/2 cup of celery - 10 calories; celery has long-been a favorite food among dieters due to its minimal caloric content. It also adds flavor and savor to foods when it is used as a seasoning mix with chopped onion and bell pepper

14. Cucumber: 1/2 large cucumber - 20 calories; cucumbers are great for a healthy diet plan and they also can be used for relaxation purposes. Cucumber facials are refreshing; raw cucumber slices placed over the eyes can soothe the savage Diet Beast. And cucumber slices mixed with distilled white vinegar can add a twist the common taste of this vegetable. As to cold cucumber soups, I've experimented with various ingredients but have determined that it's an acquired taste. On the other hand, cold strawberry soup amid the hot weather is sweet and divine!

15. Eggplant: 1/2 cup of eggplant - 13 calories; a great low calorie recipe for eggplant is to cut the specimen into chunks and pan-roast them using extra virgin olive oil. The eggplant can be served with marina sauce or your favorite spaghetti sauce. Top with shredded or grated reduced fat mozzarella cheese. Delicious!

16. Vegetable Greens: 1/2 cup of greens - 15 calories; greens are exceptionally low in calories - as we can see. Turnip greens go wonderfully well with turnips. If the turnips are small you can wash them, cap them with a knife and cook them until they are almost done - then add the turnip greens. If they are large you'll need to cut them into chunks so that they will cook faster. Add the turnip greens and continue to cook.

There are so many different varieties of greens - from mustard to collards, each holding their own unique flavors, each ridiculously low in caloric values. Be sure to infuse your daily diet with dark green vegetables for optimum health while losing weight.

17. Lettuce: 1 cup of butterhead lettuce - 5 calories; what's not to love about lettuce - particularly the caloric content! Lettuce can be mixed with other vegetables as well as nuts and dried fruits - and even drained beans such as black beans to create a gourmet salad that is low in caloric content. In addition, large leaves of lettuce can be used to substitute bread and buns. Try wrapping your next Asian stir fry mixture in fresh lettuce leaves.

18. Mushrooms: 1/2 cup of mushrooms - 20 calories; sauté sliced, chopped or whole mushrooms in a teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil or no calorie butter flavored cooking spray. A delicious side dish for a tiny bit of calories. You can also brush your favorite mushrooms with olive oil and stick them into a toaster oven until golden. For an extra treat add just a spoon of prepared stuffing into the center of the mushroom before placing into the oven when using button-sized species. The large portabella mushrooms substitute well for buns. Simply grill after brushing with olive oil - or pan roast them.

19. Bell Pepper: 1/2 cup of bell pepper - 15 calories; when bell peppers come to mind there are all sorts of healthy directions we can take them. For starters, they come in a variety of colors - yellow, green, and red. They are all similar in taste, if not identical.

Bell peppers can be used to add flavor to recipes, particularly when a tri-mix of celery, bell peppers and onions are combined. They can be sliced into rings and embedded on top of extra lean meatloaf. As the meatloaf cooks, that unique flavor of the bell pepper permeates the meat.

And of course, a popular traditional method for cooking bell peppers is stuffing them with ground beef and baking them. For dieters, the leanest ground beef available is necessary to keep caloric values low. Mix meat with bread crumbs or crushed saltines. Pack well; smear top with catsup. Press a raw onion ring and a bell pepper ring onto the top of the stuffed bell peppers before baking in a preheated 350 degree oven until meat is thoroughly cooked. Brush the outside of the bell pepper with extra virgin olive oil for a glossy glow.

20. Radish: 1 cup of radishes - 20 calories; low in calories and fabulous when cut into rings and added to salads.

21. Tomato: 1 medium tomato - 25 calories; tomatoes can add a burst of flavor to many foods. Because they are so versatile they are very popular at the market. In recent months, they cost about $1 each for vine-ripened tomatoes. Three cost more than a gallon of milk. There's really something wrong with that as they are very easy to grow and don't require anywhere near the amount of food that a dairy cow requires - not to mention the special processing techniques that must be followed in order to get that gallon of milk to the family table - ensuring its safe consumption.

22. Turnip: 1/2 cup of turnips - 15 calories; delicious on their own or when added to the greens that top them.

23. Watercress: 1/2 cup of watercress - 2 calories; makes a beautiful decoration for the dieter's plate. Also, quite tasty with its own unique flavor. Best when young and tender as it's at its mildest state, without bitterness.

24. Marshmallow: 1 large marshmallow - 23 calories; a nice treat for a Sweet Tooth craving but that sugar blast won't last long before hunger strikes in full force.

25. Zero Calorie Foods: Diet sodas, extracts, seasonings, spices, and hot sauce contain almost zero calories.

There is ONE zero calorie ingestible good-for-you and that's WATER.

When speaking of nutritional values in foods let's do a few comparisons. Which is the better choice? A stick of gum for 5 calories or 1 cup of butterhead lettuce? Two cups of watercress?  It would be the fresh vegetables of course.

Therefore, choose wisely - making your dietary choices healthy ones that will benefit your body and that will stick with you longer than less wise choices. While the gum may occupy your mouth it's not going to curb your appetite like a cup of lettuce might accomplish. And you won't be building jaw muscles that can make you appear larger in that area.

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