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Burning Calories in Your Diet

Written by Diet Bites

Tips & Methods for burning calories throughout the day to trigger weight loss results.


So you're on a diet and in a rush to lose weight but it's just not coming off your body at a fast enough pace. What to do?

There are several ways to go about burning calories:

- You can decrease the amount of food that you eat, including beverages that can be high in caloric content.

- You can burn calories through activity and exercise.

- You can burn calories by eating foods that work with other foods thereby breaking them down at a faster metabolism burn rate.

- There is a connection between milk and weight loss based on 3 glasses of skim milk per day; calcium supplements didn't render impressive results studies so only the real deal will do for optimum results.

Things That Will Not Burn Calories, Including Weight Loss Supplements, Diet Pills

- Weight loss supplements and diet pills will not burn calories. Advertisements and commercials may lend the impression that certain products that can either be ordered or sold over the counter at your local super mart can deliver huge calorie burns. While a weight loss supplement or diet pill might assist in curbing appetite there isn't an over the counter type remedy, pill or potion that will burn calories.

Calories must be expended or used by the body in order for weight loss to occur. When we exercise or our body experiences any type of activity - walking, breathing, sleeping, sitting, standing, playing sports - our body burns or uses calories which either come from the foods and beverages we consume or from the fat cells in the form of stored energy when our daily calorie requirement needs are insufficient.

Magnets Will Not Burn Calories

- Magical belts and magnets cannot render weight loss through a calorie burn.

Particular Foods Will Not Burn Calories

- There is nothing that you can eat or drink that will render a significant calorie burn. Weight loss myths abound for several foods that supposedly achieve impressive burns but these are simply myths and not proven facts by the science community.

For example, no amount of hot sauce is going to burn calories. If the individual consumes enough they may meet the Grim Reaper and afterwards experience massive weight loss six feet under.

If hot sauce was the magical cure to end overweight and obesity, everyone needing to lose weight would be running to the hot sauce section at their local markets in hordes.

Health Note: If you suddenly discover that you are dropping weight without trying, please see your doctor immediately.  There are many underlying health factors that could put you at risk, such as diabetes.

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