Mood Swings, Dieting

Diet Encounters of the Close Kind
The Big Bad Wolf

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites


Mood Swings & Dieting

Sooner or later while you're on your diet, you'll meet The Big Bad Diet Wolf.

This is the moment when you'll be either tempted or frustrated, and you'll want to wolf everything down in sight.

This includes frosted cupcakes, frosted cakes and yes even frosted pies.

You'll want to wolf-down cheese pizza, fully loaded pizza, fried chicken and yes - perhaps even fried gizzards.

When the Big Bad Wolf hits Diet Town he's a-rippin' and a-roarin' making no bones about how hungry that he is. And if you get to close to him, he'll jump right inside of you and then his wants and his needs become your wants and your needs - only you don't need the things that Mister Wolf wants.

The Big Bad Wolf is known by several other names, the most popular perhaps is 'BINGEING'. The Big Bad Wolf can be so powerful that it can send you right off a steep Diet Cliff without a parachute in site - not even a helium-filled balloon embossed with a smiley face.

One day you can be skipping and hopping down The Old Diet Trail, content, sublime, happy - and then out of the brambles jumps this Big Bad Diet Wolf. You just never know when it's going to attack. Therefore, here are a few diet tips to keep you out of harm's way.

The Mood Swing                                                                     The Venting Pit

Mood Swings While Dieting

                             The Big Bad Diet Wolf

Back Up Plan

- Plan ahead for Wolf Attacks. If your current diet isn't working - don't do like the majority of dieters, quitting and going on a long binge which only serves to regain lost weight and most of the time, gain even more weight.

Keep Healthy Low Calorie Foods Nearby for Quick Grabs, Avoiding Higher Calorie Temptation Tips

- Always keep some 'free foods' on hand such as carrot sticks, cucumber slices and celery sticks. If you don't end up eating them, you can whiz them up to make one mean facial.


- Leave that red cape and basket of goodies at Grandmother's shack where it belongs.

Just look what happened to Red when she encountered Mister Wolf in the woods.

She was skipping along the primrose path circling the woods, going to visit her grandma who was feeling ill.

In her little picnic basket sat a container of homemade chicken soup, saltines and a container of orange juice that she hoped would boost her grandma's poor immunity so that she would recover faster.

After Wolf jumped in front of her, she fell to the ground as she hadn't expected to encounter anyone - particularly a wolf along the pathway.

As she fell on her red cape she heard a noise, realizing that the containers of food had broken and spilled onto the saltines. And who likes soggy saltines?

Wolf abruptly apologized and suggested a substitute for Red's ruined goodies. He even accompanied her to grandma's shack after calling for a pizza delivery.

Once there, Wolf barged into grandma's humble kitchen and insisted that they enjoy full-blown beer with the full-blown pizza.

Needless to say that after grandma and Red consumed all that beer and all that pizza they were bigger than the Goodyear Blimp. And where a wolf is concerned, thebigger - the juicer - the better.

In Summary

Tell the Big Bad Diet Wolf to go away and don't come back another day. Don't even offer him an antacid for his pizza heartburn.


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