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Diet & Lose Weight After the Holidays

Written by Diet Bites

Tips for holiday dieting - getting on track with your weight loss plan.


Dick's Plans to Begin Dieting AFTER The Holidays

"Hi, I'm Dick! I can't wait to begin my diet - just after the first of the year, that is. Before I commit, I'm going to enjoy one last holiday season of feasting on all the holiday goodies that I want!"

Does this sound a bit too familiar to your flared Diet Ears? If so, what should you do? On the one hand, beginning a diet in the middle of the holidays is almost like writing 'Icabod' all over your Diet Tombstone.

It's almost impossible to resist all the holiday goodies, because everywhere you turn this time of year, there seems to be food. And not just 'food' but gourmet food, delicious homemade food, and food gifts.

Let's take a closer look at Diet Green and how you can spend the day celebrating while benefiting your diet:

Healthier Food Choices

Green yields leafy vegetables that are not only filling, but also packed with vitamins and nutrients.  Try eating a salad before you enjoy your meal and you may find that you'll eat much less.  Take care to have the salad dressing served in a tiny thimble to the side as it's packed with calories, and in some cases, a lot of fat.

Green also yields soothing beauties, such as cucumbers, avocados & grapes. When you're feeling tired, place some cool cucumber slices over your eyelids for a soothing effect.  Be certain to lay down before application.  Relaxation is an essential form of Diet Therapy!

Create a rich facial by mashing up a ripe avocado and mixing it with a dab of Mayo. Don't lick your face because both of these Green Goddesses have more fat and calories than Henry had wives.

Quick Frozen Grapes Tip for Dieters

Enjoy a few green grapes that you've frozen beforehand in your freezer for your Facial Event. Again, this is a treat that is ultra low in calories and extremely tasty!

A glass (not a keg) of spirits from the fruit of the vine is fine every now and then.  Remember, it's all about Willpower, self-control, quantity, quality & moderation.  But after your little nip, if you happen to see little green men, it's something that you may just want to keep to yourself.'s Saint Patrick's Day, of course!

Prolonging Dieting, Not a Healthy Idea

On the other hand, prolonging your diet plan means that it's going to take a month longer to reach your goal weight once you begin your diet after the first of the new year.

If you opt to begin your diet after the new year, keep in mind that every binge and every extra goody over your daily calorie allotment will go towards your body weight as additional pounds.  Try to limit the 'splurge sessions' and begin making your Diet Plan now so that you'll be ready to strike out on your new diet come January 1st.

And in closing, make this upcoming diet your last diet.  You don't want to ever have to diet again!  

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