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Belly Fat Reduction Tips

Article by Diet Bites


Weight Loss Tips for Ridding Belly Fat Layers

The Human Body Contains Different Types of Pounds

While a pound always equals a pound, there are different types where the human body is concerned. Some consist of water weight while others consist of fat.

Some fat is necessary for a healthy body; without such - our vital organs would be exposed to significant injury. We would take on a gaunt appearance as well - looking more like a mummy than a living, breathing creature.

Body Weight Fat

Where body fat weight is concerned, there are also different types. At times, it is compressed into layers - which may have resided on the body for months, years or even decades. This is the most difficult type of fat to eradicate from the body.

Keep in mind that when we intake an overage of energy - which simply means that we consumed more food and drink than our body used over a certain time period, the excess was stored in cells which accumulate and create the fat layers.

Even after these cells are expressed of fat, they remain in the body until death - once created, they don't go away, and they are continually craving to be refilled. This is just one reason why it's so challenging for the post dieter.

Keep in mind that when the body accumulates excess fat - trapping the energy in cells, they are added to the body in layers. Well, at least we can be thankful for that because if they were added in lumps - that certainly would be as attractive and would certainly be an uncomfortable situation.

As to the types of fat - we will address two in this health article: packed and loose.

Compacted Layers of Belly Fat

When weight is gained over a period of time - several months which lead into years, the fat becomes compacted. It is especially challenging to remove.

More Difficult to Keep Lost Weight Off Than Losing Weight

And it's even more challenging to keep it from returning.

In part, this is due to the dietary habits we form over the years - our cravings for certain foods, as well as our inability to control portion size.


However, it is doable - you can get rid of these stubborn layers through dieting. Note that it will require much diligence, much patience and will take much longer to lose than loose layers.

"Loose" Layers of Belly Fat

This refers to recent weight gain.

You may have went to a party and indulged in too many appetizers OR you may have over-enjoyed yourself during the holiday season and put on five to ten pounds.

The quicker that you start to lose the gained weight, the easier it will come off. If it is allowed to reside in the body, it's going to dig its way in and become very difficult to lose as the fat compresses and packs itself - literally adhering to the body.

On that note - don't put off losing the excess layers. Start today and you'll feel better, look better and be rewarded with more energy and self- confidence for your efforts.

Diet Bites is here to assist, offering tips, low calorie menus and health articles along with a big dose of diet motivation to help you achieve your health goals.

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