What Percentage of the
Human Body is Water?

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The Body is About 45% to 75% Water

Where the human body is concerned, it is comprised chiefly of water. In infancy the percentage may be as high as 75%.

As we age, the amount decreases as may be as low as 45% by our late senior years.

In obese individuals the percentage may also be as low as 45% water.

About 20% of body weight is related to blood.

Impacting Factors, Body Weight Water

Of course, many factors impact the exact amount of water weight in the body, including the following.

1. The age, health and environment of the individual.

2. The daily diet - including the foods and beverages which are consumed as well as the vitamins and minerals and other nutritional elements of the foods.

Sodium, Protein, Carbohydrates Effect on Water in the Body

For example, sodium, proteins and carbohydrates all impact water weight substantially. While sodium is known for water retention issues, proteins have the opposite effect.

Carbohydrates, Water Release

When carbohydrates are reduced in the diet, water is readily released from the body. Excess sodium is harsh on the kidneys which in turn impact heart health. Proteins in excess are also harsh on the urinary system and can cause damage to both the heart and kidneys.

3. Our current weight is a factor in the amount of water our body contains. The more we weigh, the less water the body is apt to contain.


Because the body requires so much liquid, it can easily become dehydrated - particularly in warmer weather or when we exercise OR when we are ill and fail to hydrate.

Our skin can go from plum to prune very quickly. So we have to keep hydrating throughout our day.


When liquid is added to a fiber rich diet - the bulk grows - and the more liquid added, the more it grows. But it just doesn't sit there - it starts sweeping its way out of the digestive track, taking with it those toxins and waste that the body didn't use amid the digestive process.

Water & Weight Loss Tips for Dieters

If you are seeking a healthier body, these tips can assist.

1. It's time to limit the amount of carbonated water in your daily diet - and if you're drinking diet soda over regular, it's worse for the human body than the sugary soda.

Both carbonated water and sugar substitutes top the list for foods which create acidity issues in the body.

Amid the metabolic process, they create acid conditions - drifting away from the alkaline pH. In turn, when levels get too acidic, the cells of the body are at a greater risk of being attacked by harmful toxins.

In addition, sugar substitutes have been found to actually cause weight gain rather than weight loss.

We suggest drinking your favorite regular soda every now and then.

2. Try to make water your most popular liquid of the day.

3. When exercising both indoors and outdoors always carry along bottled water so that you can keep hydrated.

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