Dietary Fiber in Fast Food

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Dieting Tips for Tacos, Fast Food Fries & Other Foods Rich in Dietary Fiber

1. While fast food items may contain dietary fiber benefits, often these healthy benefits are canceled-out due to an imbalance in fatty acid content.

The unhealthiest among the Fat Pack is Mister Trans Fat. Next, saturated.

Cholesterol Free Doesn't Mean the Food is Cholesterol-Free to the Human Body

2. And keep in mind that although a menu item may state a minimal amount - or even a zero amount of cholesterol content, that doesn't mean that your free to run amuck.

Before making your choices, take time to review the saturated, Trans and total fat grams contained inside of a selection as these all contribute to 'fat layer growth' which of course, contributes to weight gain.

Tacos, Excellent Food Choice for Dietary Fiber Grams

3. In reviewing our nutritional data chart below we see that tacos is first - the highest in dietary fiber grams. This is due to the salad fixings and the corn shell. If we look at the pizza at 2.4 grams - these are the result of the grain which comprises the pizza crust.

Foods Common to the Low Carbohydrate Diets Often Lack Dietary Fiber Benefits

4. Cheese and animal proteins are almost-always void of dietary fiber.

5. While hush puppies contain 2.3 grams - they are often deep fat fried, thus negating healthy benefits.

Let's continue reading about fiber and how it can assist in weight loss results. While it can be an impressive tool in your weight loss plan, unless you add a secret something - you'll more apt to receive discomfort and sluggishness without this secret ingredient. Dietary Fiber, the Secret Ingredient

Dietary Fiber Grams in Fast Foods

Based on 1 Item Unless Stated


taco with beef, cheese and lettuce, hard shell, 1 large


Shake, fast food, chocolate, 16 fluid ounces


Fries - large order


Fries - medium order


Fries - small order


burrito, with beans and cheese


burrito, with beans and ground beef


cheeseburger; single, large patty; with condiments, vegetables


Shake, fast food, vanilla, 16 fluid ounces


cheeseburger; single, large patty; with condiments and bacon


Pizza Chain, 14" pizza, pepperoni topping, regular crust - 1 slice


hush puppies (5)


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