Two Pound Unexpected
Weight Gain Causes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites


Unexplained Weight Gain Causes

Reader Question.  I have been dieting and recently gained 2 pounds for no reason.

Then I remembered licking 100 Christmas cards. Could the calories in the glue have caused my weight gain? I promise that I have not cheated on my diet.~ Joan from Florida

Weight Gain More Likely Due to Excess Salt or Calorie Overage

Our Response. 100 Christmas cards, you say?  Joan, baby - this is a very ....sticky situation (I couldn't resist!). Nonetheless, even though you did a lot of licking, you expended more energy in the process than the calorie amount contained in the glue.

Your weight gain could be attributed to a multitude of things: for example, you may have eaten something that contained a lot of sodium (salt), which causes our body to retain water.

The weight gain could even be a good thing because many times, an individual will actually gain a couple of pounds before dropping four or five!  So, heads up, take another licking and keep on ticking. And you deserve a pat on the back for er....sticking with your weight loss plan amid the hectic holidays. ~Sky at Diet Bites

Weight Loss Stalled

Reader Question.  I have been on a weight loss plan for 1 month now. At the start of my diet I started to lose weight. Everything was going great. I was resisting tempting foods. I was walking every day. I was eating healthier. At the start of my fourth week on my diet, I am stalled. My weight scales are not moving. To my utter horror they are actually going up, up and up. I have gained three pounds over the last week. I have been good while dieting and cannot explain why I am gaining rather than losing weight. ~ Ann from Texas

Weight Loss Plateau, Tips

Our Response. It appears that you may have climbed onto that ugly Weight Loss Plateau, Ann. And you may end up staying there for the next few days and possibly for the next week or so until your weight starts to drop again. The body is working to process all the new healthy things that you have introduced to it and it takes time for the body to come back into balance before it can go forward with processing weight loss.

Other things such as excess sodium in the diet can also contribute to false pounds, but as you have been experiencing a level three pound rate of weight gain over the course of one week, the weight gain is not logically due to this situation unless you have continued to consume foods or drinks containing excessive salt content. It typically takes the body about 3 days to deal with sodium overload as sodium in the body hold water, commonly referred to as water retention.

If you do not experience a renewal of weight gain, then closely examine your daily diet plan. It may contain too many calories to generate weight loss.

Other situations than can generate false weight gain include that happy time of month for females in addition to thyroid issues. A sluggish thyroid equals a sluggish metabolism. Symptoms include: constipation, dry and flaking skin, weight gain, and the inability to withstand cooler temperatures.

If weight gain persists be sure to seek council with your professional caregiver. Good luck, Ann!


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