How Long Will it Take to Lose 100 Pounds?
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet questions from our readers and Diet Bites response, including tips for losing 100 pounds or more.


Reader Question.  I need to lose about 100 pounds.

How long will that take to lose if I stick to my diet plan?~ Rhonda from Kansas

Diet Bites Response. Rhonda, first of all you deserve kudos for showing interest in losing those unwanted pounds.

That is the first step to achieving your weight loss goals - an intense desire to lose the unwanted weight and to keep it off permanently.

Best Diet Plan Based on Food Groups

A good diet plan embraces a healthy daily diet based on the Food Groups (Grain Food Group, Fruit Food Group, Protein Food Group, Dairy Food Group and the Vegetable Food Group).

A healthy diet based on the Food Groups will take off about 2 pounds of unwanted weight per week - and that is on average.  

In other words, you may not lose 2 pounds each and every week, but at the end of the month if you haven't lost at least 8 pounds, then you need to put another weight loss plan in place or adjust your current diet plan.

How to Safely & Effectively Adjust Your Diet Plan for Weight Loss

If the diet plan is not working to lose the minimum amount of weight then the following adjustments may need to be made to your existing plan:

Calories may be either too many or not enough. A certain amount of caloric intake supports a certain amount of weight.

For example, if Dieter Jane weighs 250 pounds and requires 3,000 calories per day to support her current weight, if she goes on a diet plan containing 2,000 calories per day she will continue to lose weight at a rate of about 2 pounds per week on average until she reaches the weight which is supported by those 2,000 caloriesper day.

At that point, if she needs to lose more weight she will have to decrease her caloric intake or boost her exercise and activity plan significantly in order to lose more weight.

On the other hand, if dieter Jane weighs 250 pounds and requires those same 3,000 calories for her current weight, if she goes on a diet containing 1,000 calories her body will go into protective mode, thus slowing the metabolic rate in order to conserve precious energy that is stored in the fat cells.

Jane may not only stall in her weight loss results - she may also put on a few pounds if only temporarily as the body adjusts.

On the flip side of the coin, if you lose A LOT more than 8 pounds in one month, that's not good either. Your body may get thrown into shock.

The delicate metabolism of the body requires time to adjust and process all the healthy changes being forced upon the body.

Metabolism & Weight Gain/Weight Loss

Weight gain is often a slow process, so the metabolism keeps chugging right along. Often times the individual will go through periods of weight gain, either adding pounds to their body that is at recommended weight until they become overweight OR they may reach this stage then at certain periods such as the holidays or vacation, they may continue to add pounds to their overweight frame.

On the other hand, weight loss can be swift. When we're talking about losing almost 10 pounds per month - that's quite a lot of weight thus requiring the metabolic adjustments. Our body changes anyway about every thirty days.

We won't have the same composition as we did the month prior at certain manageable spots in life. When we add weight loss or weight gain to the equation, it takes more effort on the part of our metabolism and our body.

Because 100 pounds is a lot of weight to lose - and I'm speaking personally here because I lost even more than that amount going on two decades ago and have kept the weight off, you will probably lose more weight at the beginning of your diet plan than at the end.

The first month will be your toughest to get through but once you start seeing the numbers on your weight scales decline, that should motivate you to keep losing.

Losing Weight Delivers Healthy Surprises

I can say that I was shocked to discover that I had actual knees and a neck. It was nice to feel my ribcage without the extra padding in place.

Was it easy to resist my favorite foods? Of course not - and it's still difficult. But it's certainly worth the effort and Rhonda, losing those 100 pounds can boost your health to a new level and add years to your life, as well as increase and enhance your quality of life.

While you may lose 15 pounds one month and even 20 another month, when it is all said and done the average rate of weight loss in time equals about two pounds per week on average.  Therefore, you should reach your weight loss goal in about 12 months.

One final note about the stalled diets. T

here will be periods along the way when you may feel that your diet has stalled but in actuality, you have just climbed onto the evil Weight Loss Plateau, another tool that the metabolism and body uses to balance things before moving forward.

Good luck Rhonda on your weight loss plan! ~Sky at Diet Bites


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