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Addicted to Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Advice for women or spouses who are addicted to dieting.


Is your spouse always on a diet?

Always watching every tidbit of food she pokes into her pie hole? We have some solutions....

HE SAID......

Reader Question.  My wife is driving me NUTS! 

She is always on a diet.  We can't even be intimate without her complaining about how fat she is.  

Bluntly put, I don't care if she is fat or not. I just want this diet nut thing to stop.  

Any advice that will put her brain on 'DIET HOLD'??? ~~Nameless Person in Nameless State of Frustration

Women are ALWAYS on a Diet

Diet Bites Response. Dear Nameless, there are three things that may help you to know about women. These issues are embedded into very tricky 'brain centers' in just about every woman's head. They are:  

1. They are always on a diet.

2. They can't even think about urinating, or they will 'need' to go.  

3. They seek agreement.

However, under no circumstance should you ever agree with your wife on this issue.

Instead, try complimenting her physically and mentally.

Don't avoid complimenting her shape, because she may really go paranoid and feel that she is truly overweight and that you adore her for her brain.

Keep in mind how you feel when she tells you that she thinks you're smart. And if she thinks you're smart, then doesn't that make her smart?

Compliments Can Ease Dieting Worries in Women

Compliment her hair, her nails, how good she smells, her cooking skills, her analytical skills, her lovemaking skills and so forth.  

The more compliments that she receives from you, the more comfortable and confident she will become with herself.

The diet focus should ease or fade entirely and make for a less stressful relationship. And on that, you can both agree!

On the other hand, try to accept the positives associated with your situation. At least your wife is concerned about her weight which in turn impacts her health.

And if she is the Cook & Chief Bottle Washer, then she is probably preparing meals which are lower in caloric and fat content, which in turn puts a positive nutritional spin on your daily diet.

Healthy Wife, Less Medical Bills

Embracing a healthy diet plan can forego future health issues, so not only might she be contributing to your better health, she could be saving you money in the long-run in the area of health costs.

One final suggestion. Take time out from your busy schedule to go on outings with your wife.

Make them based on an activity such as a short hike in the woods or up a beautiful mountain side. Try indoors roller skating, dancing with her, even shooting basketball hoops with her.

Being together strengthens the bond that you have with one another.

If you look at things from your wife's perspective, she probably doesn't have any intention of making you feel miserable about her continual complaints where her weight is concerned.

Many times we don't even realize that what we are doing are saying is bugging our partners. If we did, we'd certainly try not to do those things again - or at least limit them.

Obviously, she is your best friend because she is confiding in you about a very personal issue. If you decide to address your concerns with her, be gentle. Again, tell her how adorable she is and why you love her so much just as she is. ~Sky at Diet Bites   


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