French Fry Substitutes

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Diet and weight loss related question for fries and healthy substitute suggestions.


Diet Bites Reader Question.  I'm on a diet and I really miss French fries.  Any suggestions for a good substitute? ~ The Frying Cajun, Louisiana USA

Diet Bites Response. Frying Cajun, there are several alternatives that you can try.  

Natural Potato Over Fried

One alternative to the 'fried fry' is to thinly slice a clean potato. No need to strip off the skin, either as it contains the bulk of nutritional values.  

Next, spray a pan with no-calorie cooking spray and when it is warm, lay a few slices of potato into the pan and allow it to cook completely on one side, then flip and cook the other side. Lightly salt and pepper.  

Serve with tangy catsup if desired. These are especially good when seasoned with large grains of cracked pepper.

Some other alternatives to fries include: baked potato chips, WOW potato chips (though they ignite the 'trots' in some individuals), and canned new potatoes.

You can even slice the new potatoes and 'fry' them as instructed with the fresh potato above.  

I like mine cooked in butter flavored cooking spray until they reach a golden brown hue and are very crispy on the outside. Sometimes I'll skip traditional catsup for dipping and opt for A1 steak sauce instead.

Fast Food Fries Okay, On Occasion

Every now and then, you can enjoy a small pack of REAL French fries while losing weight but be sure to know the amount of caloric content before ordering.

We'll help by referencing popular fast food restaurants and the caloric content of their fries below.  Remember, 'A diet without treats, isn't very sweet.'

As to the caloric values of fries, Cracker Barrel's Steak Fries tend to hold fewer calories per 100 grams.

When dining out it's important to base your menu selection on several factors - not caloric value alone. Pay careful attention to fat content, in particular saturated fat and Trans fat. ~ Sky at Diet Bites

Nutrition Facts, Calories in Fast Food French Fries Comparison Based on Weight

Fast Food Restaurant

Calories Per 100 Grams

Small Fry Size kcals

Medium Fry kcals

Large Fry kcals

Burger King Fries





McDonalds Fries





Popeye's Battered Fries


305 per package and 79 kcals per 10 pieces

Applebees Fries


1 serving, 540 kcals

Cracker Barrel Steak Fries


1 serving, 427 kcals

Denny's Fries


1 serving, 477 kcals

T.G.I.F. Fries


1 serving, 677 kcals



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