Diet Pills & Death

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Diet Pills Equal Diet Ills & Some Times, Death

Question. I am trying to lose about 80 pounds of unwanted weight.  

I started taking some diet pills that I ordered from online (name of site intentionally omitted by Diet Bites) and they were suppose to take the weight off.  

I did not see any results. I saw where you said that diet pills alone do not work. The online site promised weight loss if you used the product. They said it would take off the weight, so I thought that was all that was needed.  

After reading your information I looked very carefully again at this site and the package, and in very small print it had a statement that said the product worked only if used with diet and exercise.  

I do not consider myself gullible and feel that this site is taking advantage of people needing to lose weight.  

This site is so well done that this information is almost hidden and that is very irritating. So I am out over $40 and am still in need of losing 80 pounds. I hope this doesn't happen to anyone else and thank you for being so honest here. ~ Jasmine, Canada 

Truth, Diet Pills Don't Cause Weight Loss

Answer. Jasmine, I decided to withhold the name of the PILL PUSHING SITE for obvious reasons. I did take a good look and what I found was absolutely disgusting. And yes, their little 'disclaimer statement' was practically hidden in very small print (grrrrrrrrrr!!!!).  

With all that said, let's try to see something 'good' from all of this.  

Side Effects Caused By Diet Pills

1) You are very fortunate that the pills did not make you ill. Some of these miracle pills contain very harmful 'legal' drugs (or herbs) that can cause everything from dizzy spells to heart failure.

Marketers have given the general public the impression that herbs are safe to use, and that's not the full story.  I'll try to compose detailed information on this subject and post an article in the near future.  

Decrease Energy Intake, Increase Energy Output for Weight Loss

2) Although this was a tough way to learn a very valuable lesson, you will be extra cautious in the future. Keep in mind that dieting pills do not cause one to lose weight. Only a decrease in energy values will shrink the body as it adjusts to the energy levels for a smaller size.

3) Please do NOT let this dampen your spirits regarding weight loss. You can lose weight, although it may seem that it is about the most difficult thing on earth to accomplish at times.  

4) Don't feel too bad over this issue. There are a lot of others being snookered by this PILL PUSHER or the site wouldn't be in business.  

Take care, Jasmine & good luck on your Diet Journey! ~ Sky at Diet Bites

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