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Diet & Weight Loss Questions & Answers Relating to Breastfeeding & a Restricted Calorie Diet Plan


Dieting While Breastfeeding Okay?

Question: I am wanting to diet and am breastfeeding. How many calories a day are safe? D ~ San Francisco

Response: D, I don't want to break your bubble, but you should NOT diet until after you have completed your Tour of Breastfeeding Duty.  

Restricted Diet While Breastfeeding, Potential Negative Impact on Health

Going on a restricted calorie daily diet plan could create long-term problems for you and endanger your current state of health. In addition, it generally takes a minimum of six months for the body to completely recover from a pregnancy.

Keep in mind that while you are lactating your body will require more calories, just as it did amid pregnancy.

A lactating mother will need to pay very close attention to her daily diet to ensure that she is getting her nutritional requirements.

Until after you complete the lactating stage - in addition to allowing your body to recover from being pregnant, you should try to make healthy selections which will not only benefit your overall health, but will also deliver benefits to your milk production (sorry for using the 'deliver' word).

Healthy Weight Loss Tips For Lactating Moms

Here are a few simple tips that can assist in the nutrition area as well as keeping weight gain away.

Natural Fruit Over Sugary Treats Like Candy & Baked Desserts

Rather than reaching for a candy bar, a cookie, cake, pie, donuts or pastries try reaching for a piece of fresh fruit. If a candy bar contains 250 calories - you can enjoy 5 cups of whole strawberries for 25 fewer calories. That's a lot of fresh fruit!

Avoid Fried Foods, Batters, Dips

Rather than choosing dipped, battered and fried meats that generally get dipped into sauces such as gravy, try savoring the tasty benefits of your grill or oven. You can even pan-roast meats on the stove top. Reach for the spice rack to add flavor without adding caloric content.

Rather than opting for fried and/or battered and fried vegetables, reach for steamed or raw vegetables. While a bait of fries or fried mushrooms taste divine - particularly when the mushrooms get dipped into ranch dressing, fried foods are mined with saturated fat grams which can add pounds to your body frame.

Reach for Milk Over Empty Calorie Beverages Like Soda

When it comes to your beverages, reach for water and wholesome milk. Even sugary juice is a better choice over sugary soda.

Balance Activity With Rest

Get plenty of rest as relaxation balances activity.

Keep your mind focused on your new baby and enjoy the moments. This can keep your mind off of eating things that you shouldn't.

Exercise a little patience, and perhaps enjoy a bit of light exercise.  

In addition, I would like to suggest that you consult your doctor and begin to develop a game plan so you'll be ready for your diet after you are finished breastfeeding.

By the way, kiss the little one for me! ~ Sky at Diet Bites


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