Can I Enjoy Nuts While Dieting

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Is it okay to enjoy nuts while I'm trying to lose weight? Aren't nuts fattening?


Question. I am a nut lover.  I've heard that they are high in fat and calories and that I shouldn't eat them while on a diet.  Suggestions please?  - Sue, Des Moines 

Answer. Sue, Nut Lover that you are, you will be enraptured over my BIG THUMBS UP regarding 'nut eating'.  In fact, whoever says that nuts are a forbidden 'fruit' while dieting is nuts. Yes, you heard it here first, Sue.

One Ounce of Nuts Daily, a Good Rule of Thumb to Keep Calories in Check

I would advise that you stick to one ounce per day when you enjoy your nuts or your scales may go nutty. Pecans and Macadamia nuts contain close to 200 calories per ounce while chestnuts weigh in at a tiny 70 calories per ounce. Another plus is that chestnuts contain virtually no fat.

Keep in mind that foods that are lower in dietary fat contain fewer calories than foods that are mined with fat.

An ounce of nuts isn't really large, so let's look deeper into the caloric and dietary fat content. Because an ounce is difficult to judge without something that the dieter can use to weigh the nuts, nut labels generally recommend the number of nuts to eat per suggested serving size. Let's examine calories in nuts:


- One ounce of pecan halves equals 19 halves or about 10 whole nuts and 196 calories.

- One cup of chopped pecans contains 753 calories and 78.45 total dietary fat grams.

- One cup of pecan halves contains 684 calories and 71.25 total dietary fat grams.

- 19 pecan halves contain 196 calories and 20.40 total dietary fat grams.


- One ounce of English Walnut halves equals 14 halves or 7 whole nuts and 185 calories.

- One cup of chopped English Walnuts equals 765 calories and 76.30 grams of total dietary fat.

- One cup of ground English Walnuts equals 523 calories and 52.17 grams of total dietary fat.

- One cup of shelled English Walnuts or 50 halves and 25 whole nuts equals 654 calories and 65.21 grams of total dietary fat.

- 14 English Walnut halves equals 185 calories and 18.49 dietary fat grams.


- One cup of chopped Black Walnuts 772 calories and 73.75 total dietary fat grams.

- One Tablespoon of Black Walnuts contains 48 calories and 4.60 total dietary fat grams.

- One ounce of Black Walnuts contains 175 calories and 16.73 total dietary fat grams.


- One ounce of almonds equals 23 whole kernels and 163 calories.

- One cup of ground almonds contains 546 calories and 46.95 total dietary fat grams.

- One cup of sliced almonds contains 529 calories, 45.47 dietary fat grams.

- One cup of slivered almonds contains 621 calories, 53.37 total dietary fat grams.

- One cup of whole almonds contains 822 calories, 70.67 dietary fat grams.

- One ounce of almonds contains 163 calories, 14.01 fat grams.

- One almond contains 7 calories, 0.59 fat grams.


- One ounce of raw Chinese Chestnuts contain 64 calories and 0.31 total fat grams.

- One ounce of European Chestnuts (raw) contain 56 calories, 0.35 fat grams.

- One ounce of raw Japanese Chestnuts contain 44 calories, 0.15 fat grams.


- One ounce of dry roasted Hazelnuts contains 183 calories, 17.69 dietary fat grams.


- One ounce of Pistachios equals 49 kernels, 159 calories and 12.87 fat grams.

- One kernel equals 4 calories, 0.32 fat grams.

- One cup of Pistachios contains 691 calories and 55.83 total fat grams.


- One ounce of Macadamia Nuts equals 10 to 12 kernels, 204 calories, 21.48 fat grams.

- One cup of whole or halves contains 962 calories, 101.53 total dietary fat grams.

Sue, if you love nuts you may love seeds too and they can also give a nice boost to a boring diet.  You may wish to check out our article Diet Seeds, Why They're Good for Dieters & Seed Eaters. ~ Sky at Diet Bites


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