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Counting calories for weight loss: size of food and determining the caloric content.


Question. I have just started counting calories. I am having trouble with vegetables and fruits. 

Some are big. 

Some are not.

So I am confused about what size I need to be eating.  By the way, love this website! ~ Fran, Marshall, TX 

Difficult to Calculate Calories in Natural Foods, Particularly Fruits of Varying Sizes

Response. Fran, the best way to ensure the accuracy of your consumption limit for the day is to measure out your fruits and veggies. You are so right about the size thing!

Fruits and veggies come in all shapes and sizes, so it's very difficult to guess the amount of calories contained therein.  

Cutting Fruits Down to Size for Accurate Measurements

By cutting up your veggies and fruits you will then know how many calories you are eating.  

If you cook a food item, go with the 'cooked' measurement rather than the 'before cooked' one. Most calorie charts are based on 'after cooking' preparation, specifically when dealing with veggies.

Inexpensive Scale to Weight Food for Calorie Calculating Purposes

I would highly recommend purchasing a small scale that can measure your food based on weight. To get an accurate weight of the food, I use the following trick.

I have special containers that I weigh my food in because the scale weighs not only the amount of food, but also the container as part of the overall weight.

For accuracy, the weight of the container has to be subtracted to get a correct measurement of the food. By using containers that you know weigh a certain amount, you can determine the correct measurement or weight of your foods quite quickly.

These weighing scales are very economical to purchase.

They really come in handy for measuring out the serving sizes of certain commercially prepared foods by following the label serving size recommendation.

If you use a certain bowl for cereal, you can automatically know where the recommended serving size falls in the container.

Fran, with time I can assure you that you will be a very good calorie estimator. Just be patient. Good luck on your diet and thank you for your generous compliments. ~ Sky at Diet Bites

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