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I Binged. Is My Diet Over?

Question. I feel like a failure. My diet lasted about a week and then I couldn't stand it anymore.  

I binged on a bag of popular corn chips and bean dip. I am tired of feeling like a failure because I am unable to stay on a diet for no more than a week at best.

Sorry. Just needed to rant. ~ Kirsten - Seattle, WA 

Answer. Kirsten, I realize that your email was more so a method of venting than a question, but I was so touched and wanted to post this to help others that might be experiencing these same emotions.

Please know that you are not alone.  This is one of the most common problems experienced by dieters - that old feeling of Diet Failure. Odds are, you'll feel 100% better come morning.

After the Binge, It's Important to Refocus on Your Diet Plan & Continue Forward to Weight Loss

But are you REALLY a failure?  Of course not!  Your weight is just ONE ASPECT of your life!  

As for that old diet bingeing, this article may be of help.  So don't give up!  Get right back on The Old Diet Trail.  If your diet is FUN you'll be more apt to stick to it and reach that magic number.  But don't wait to reach that number before you allow yourself to experience happiness. Good luck, Kirsten! ~ Sky at Diet Bites 

Dieting & Decreased Immunity

Health Note: Dieting can trigger a decrease in immunity in many individuals - particularly a strict diet.  That's why it is so important for the dieter to eat things high in vitamins and minerals.

A dose of vitamin C from over the counter is also a good idea - dieting or not.  As for the other over the counter vitamins, a daily multi vitamin can't hurt but we prefer getting vitamins naturally.

When a dieter falls ill, their diet generally ends up feeling ill, too. It's difficult enough to diet when we are feeling 100% so many times, when a dieter becomes ill, they will go off their diet.

This isn't necessarily a bad thing because when the body is ill, it needs all the help we can provide to return to 100%.

The key is to return to the weight loss plan once the body had fully recovered.



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