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Feeling Ill While Dieting?

If you have just went onto a restricted diet in an effort to shed unwanted fat layers, if the eating plan is too restrictive and denies the body the essential vitamins and minerals necessary to support health, immunity can be compromised.

In turn, your body may be more susceptible to germs and bacteria that it was capable of repelling in your former eating plan.

On that note, we'd like to share a question from Dorothy, one of our cherished readers.

She asks, 'Ever since I have been dieting I have been sick with either a cold, the flu, a runny nose - you name it!  I think that dieting is making me sick. I know  that I am sick of dieting! Any cures in your bag of tricks? ~ Dorothy from IL'

There May Be a Good Reason Why

Dorothy, although what we eat and drink plays a big role on our immune system, when an illness just 'won't let go' then it's time to get with our doctor to ferret out any significant health issues.  

In the meantime, can dieting make an individual ill? Oh yes! Too strict of an eating plan can actually be life-threatening.  

The 'perfect diet' includes foods from the basic food groups, a multi-vitamin, sufficient calories to keep the body in good working order, plenty of fluids and moderate exercise. Normally, with a healthy daily eating plan the body doesn't need a multi-vitamin. However, when energy is restricted, adding a multi-vitamin to the plan is a fantastic back-up source which will ensure that the body is receiving adequate nutrition, thus reducing risk for sickness.

The average human body requires 50 calories per hour at total rest just to survive. This amounts to 1200 calories per day which is why it's very important not to be too restrictive with calories when trying to lose pounds.

Side Effects of Starving

In severe starvation mode, the stomach actually tries to consume itself. When the body doesn't get ample nutrition it can experience any of the following symptoms and side effects:


- Hair loss, at times substantial. One-half or more of the percentage of body hair may be lost due to poor nutrition.

- Skin and nails will lose luster and strength. Nails may be brittle and rigid.

- Digestive problems may abound, the most typical response being diarrhea.

- Trembling, shakes, nervousness and restlessness may settle in and be debilitating.

- Mental fog can be a mainstay thus impacting the thought process.

- With time, bone health suffers; bone may become brittle putting the body at high risk for fractures. Think about the frame of a house and what might happen if the frame starts to crumble. In turn, the body's frame can also experience a collapse.

- We must keep in mind that calories equal energy. While we're continually hearing about 'calories' the body recognizes them as energy. Insufficient intake will impact the vital organs including the heart and kidneys.

- A diet too restrictive in energy can present life-long health issues and may be fatal.

- It's interesting to find that in some individuals, a diet that is too restrictive in kcal content may trigger weight gain. As the body struggles to survive the metabolism slows to a snail's pace, conserving precious energy. In addition, the metabolic rate works on a domino effect; when an essential element is missing - fat loss stalls.

The wisest and most effective method to lose weight is to embrace the health food groups, eat the number of kcals required to support normal pounds and balance the fitness plan with relaxation and a healthy dose of activity.

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