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Pyramid & Food Plate

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Let's Start With a Picture of the Food Nutrition Pyramid

Note that the Nutrition Pyramid is based on Food Group servings and not on caloric content. However, weight is based on calories (energy - food is energy).

Food Pyramid Daily Recommendation for Eggs

The Food Nutrition Pyramid also recommends a one-egg per day limitation as well as incorporating whole grains into the daily diet as previously mentioned.

At least 1/2 the servings from the Grain Nutrition Group should be in the form of whole grains.

Picture of Food Pyramid

Fruits & Vegetables Daily

There are also guidelines relating to fruits and vegetables.

As we can see, there is a pattern developing here:

- The Nutrition Food Pyramid contains the official recommended food groups and servings.

Whole Grains

- It also recommends types of foods to choose from the groups such as 'whole grains' 'minimal fat' 'egg limitations' and 'colors of foods related to vegetables and fruits - citrus, dark green colors'.

- While the pyramid recommends number of servings and 'best choices for optimum nutrition' it doesn't recommend specific foods.

Simply put, 'the plate' is built by the individual.

Picture of Nutrition Food Plate & Food Guidelines

Picture of Food PlateThe Nutrition Plate is a bit off-balanced in relation to recommended servings.

The grain section should be larger; the vegetable section appears to over-power the grains and based on current recommendations - more grain servings are recommended per day than vegetables.

In addition, fruits hold slightly more significance than proteins based on current recommendations.

And where is our knife for our healthy peas?

In addition the Nutrition Plate recommendations include:

- Eating less with smaller serving sizes on the plate;

- Half the plate should be fruits & vegetables;

- Half the grains should be in the form of whole grains;

- Milk should be either skim or 1%;

- Water should be chosen over sugary beverages;

- Kick sodium (salt) off the table.


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