Let's Do Lunch for Weight Loss

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Making wise choices for excellent weight loss results.

Lucy goes to work and when lunch time arrives on Monday her co-workers want to go out to eat at a local Mexican restaurant.

Lucy has been frantically watching her weight - but that's about all she has been doing because the weight is still there, latched onto her and she doesn't know what to do to get rid of it.

Everywhere she goes, it's there - peering back at her from the mirror.

On Tuesday her co-workers decide upon the Italian restaurant.

The food is fantastic and then there is that cute waiter Tony who works there. Unfortunately, Tony preoccupies Lucy's thoughts as she is eating and she accidentally eats her entire entree; she had planned on taking half of the meal home for dinner. Oh well, Tony looked swell.

Vending Machines for Lunch, an Unhealthy Option

On Wednesday and Thursday her co-workers as well as herself were busy working on a project with a deadline so the vending machine was their food source. Lucy opted for potato chips and cupcakes.

Smaller Cheeseburgers Okay - Godzilla Size Cheeseburgers NOT!

On Friday they decided to go out for lunch and celebrate the success of finishing Projectzilla. They chose the town cafe which happened to serve the tastiest and the biggest cheeseburgers in town. Lucy splurged and ordered one with double-meat and double-cheese along with a small pack of onion rings.

On Saturday, Lucy hopped on the bathroom scales and her jaw literally dropped onto the scales. Again - she had experienced weight gain. It was so frustrating! But for once she knew where to start in the area of getting rid of unwanted pounds. Her lunch hour would definitely have to take a drastic change.

The Healthier Lunch While Dieting

For the following week rather than dining out with her co-workers she prepared a healthy lunch at home and took it with her. That didn't set well with her co-workers and during the week Lucy felt much like an outcast. Nonetheless, on Monday she enjoyed her thermos of chicken soup and saltines. On Tuesday she enjoyed a chicken salad sandwich on whole wheat bread along with carrot and celery sticks. On Wednesday she enjoyed a low calorie frozen meal that she prepared using the company's microwave. On Thursday she enjoyed a lovely tuna salad and on Friday she decided to do lunch with her co-workers.

They decided to visit the local sandwich shop which fit nicely into Lucy's diet plan. She ordered a ham and rye with spicy brown mustard and grabbed a bag of baked potato chips. She opted for a cup of water rather than sugary soda.

The following morning Lucy closed her eyes as she stepped onto her bathroom weight scales. When she opened them, her mouth curved with a wide smile. She'd lost three pounds. Three pounds! Losing weight totally motivated her to continue on her diet plan, packing a healthy lunch and going out with the group on Fridays.

After a month passed she had lost fifteen pounds and two dress sizes.

Her co-workers started complimenting her slimmer shape, curious as to how she was losing the weight. When she shared her secret to weight loss, they marveled that doing something so simple could register is such a significant way.

On Monday, her co-workers all brought their lunch. The still continued going out on Fridays but they added something different to their lunch routine on Mondays through Thursdays.

After enjoying their lunch together in the employee dining area they all went out for a walk together to enjoy the fresh air and sunshine.

By the end of the following month, everyone was thinner - and Lucy had lost another 15 pounds. She only had 30 more to go - another eight weeks or so and she'd be at her dream weight. This was easier than she could have ever imagined.

Weight Loss & Your Good Health Wins

In summary, those smart restaurants can drain your pocketbook and add weight to your weighing scales.

It's great to be with friends, but before you realize, you've devoured a basket of greasy chips, or 5 loaves of bread with rosemary butter.  If you're like Lucy and need to lose those pesky pounds - follow her example.

Take a healthy lunch to enjoy at work.

Invite your friends or co-workers to eat at the office with you. If your office doesn't have a break room, try to find a spot where you can enjoy your lunch.

Walk together as a team if you can. Even if there are individuals in the group who don't need to lose weight, they'll benefit from the healthy walk.

At the end of the week, see if you achieved weight loss.  If so, this may indeed be a key to your Weight Loss Success.


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