Low Fat Cooking Tipsz
for Weight Loss Success

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low calorie foods can assist in stimulating weight loss and better health.

A few extra seconds of your time could be your ticket to weight loss results that you've been yearning for.

Weight loss is never easy, but with a few simple steps - it can certainly be more comfortable and doable.

Try this dieting experiment for one week, weighing the first day and then the morning after the experiment has ended.

For one week, change your recipes to incorporate healthier cooking methods and healthier ingredients. Here are a few tips and examples of how to accomplish this in a breeze.

Examples or Low Fat Cooking

Lower Fat, Lower Calorie Cooking Methods

- Rather than chicken-frying your steak, try roasting or broiling your steak.

- Rather than mashing the potatoes, roast or bake them and serve with no calorie butter spray. OR, pan fry them with non stick spray which contains zero fat and calories.

Substitute Fruit Mashes for Oils & Use Sugar Substitutes for Sugar

- For desserts, substitute dried fruits, fresh fruits, applesauce, sour cream and even vegetables for oil.  

- Substitute SPLENDA for sugar as if holds its sweetening powers when 'the heat is on'!

Fat Absorption Methods

- If you're a Bacon Lover you can still enjoy it while losing weight. Simply layer the bacon between paper towels and cook in the microwave. The paper towels will soak-up the fat from the bacon leaving you with one lean strip that contains about 20 calories.

- Make use of paper towels in other situations where visible oil and fat are involved. For example, when dining out blot away all visible oils and fats. Even a slice of pizza will contain fewer calories when visible oils are blotted.

Boost Flavor Via Seasonings, Extracts for Minimal Calories & Zero Added Fat

- Seasonings and extracts can add flavor to foods without adding caloric content and fat grams.

- For a tasty cinnamon toast recipe that's diet friendly spread a slice of whole grain bread (I like the white whole grain) with light margarine. Sprinkle with ground cinnamon and Splenda. Place in toaster oven or beneath oven broiler until golden.

Reducing Fat in Recipes

- Even cheese toast can be made diet-friendly by using either light, low fat margarine and reduced-fat cheese.

- Fried mushrooms, fried potatoes, fried zucchini, onion rings - vegetables in a fried state lose all their nutritional values because they are cancelled-out due to the explosion of fat gram content. Instead, arrange them on a spear and place them on the grill for eons less calories.

In Summary

See how well you do at the end of the week. If the numbers on your weight loss scales went down, a little savvy cooking may be all that you need to do to ensure Weight Loss Success!

To see a greater increase in weight loss try going on a walk during the day for 15 to 20 minutes. In addition, be sure to balance your activity with relaxation as both are equally important to overall health.


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