Using Five Senses
to Lose Belly Fat

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Sense of Touch

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Touching is also very important to the weight loss process.

We touch to test if food and drink are too hot to consume - we touch to test for doneness in the foods that we cook.

But what about using your sense of touch for detecting fat, sugar and salt in the foods you opt to eat?

Excessive Oil in Foods Lead to Weight Gain, Abdominal Fat Storage

When dining on foods which are culprits for pooled oil - gently do a touch test. Those pepperonis on top of your pizza can have your fingers holding more fat than the Crisco Kid, as can those fried chicken tenders.

Excessive Sugar in Foods Impacts Blood Sugar Readings, Body Weight

If your fingers are sticky after touching a particular food - and you haven't been handling money, odds are you're holding more sugar than daddy.

Excessive Sodium Creates False Pounds Due to Water Retention

And if your fingers are salty and you haven't been working the salt mines, you're probably holding enough sodium on your fingertips to produce an impressive salt map. Yes, one you can hang onto your wall to remind you of that excessive-sodium moment in time.

Taking a small amount of time to check your food for elements which contribute to a bigger belly and body gives you the opportunity to make your selections healthier OR to make different healthier selections. Where visible oils are involved, blotting the excess with a paper towel can save fat calories. When foods are too sugary or salty, it's best to either enjoy a portion of the food or drink or to make a healthier choice.

Sense of Smell

Oh those wafting waves of good cookery! Breathe-in the heavenly aromas, the spicy aura, the unique blend of herbs for these good scents make good dieting sense and will help keep you content while losing excess pounds. Remember to pair this sense with your Sense of Sight. First, look at the food that you're going to eat. Admire its texture and color. Inhale its aromatic scent - and move forward to your Sense of Taste.

Sense of Taste

Let's be frank - because I've always liked frank. Diet foods tend to be very bland and unflavorful.

If you'll spend some time reading over the articles posted at Diet Bites, you'll discover some great tips to enhance your meals and making losing the excess fat more tolerable. If your food doesn't taste good, your plan isn't going to last.

Therefore, even when attempting to lose weight we can insert our favorite foods into our plan. We must do such moderately - and wisely.

While we can't enjoy the pepperoni pizza that we referenced above for every meal - we can enjoy it two or so times per week. Rather than enjoying 3-4 or more slices, we should enjoy 1 and at most, 2 slices. We should accompany those slices with a healthy salad to keep things in balance.

Keep in mind that our weight is not governed by the types of foods that we consume, rather by the number of calories contained in the foods that we consume.

Simply put, the number of calories that we consume that our body utilizes through body functions and through the activity that we exert throughout our day.

When our caloric intake is in balance with our caloric output, our body weight remains in balance.

When consumed energy values exceed what the body uses, they excess energy becomes stored. When we use more energy than we have consumed - we lose weight.

Your Sixth Diet Sense

This sense may be the most important while dieting. Listen to your body, to your head, to your heart, to your tired muscles - to whatever calls out to you so that you can adjust to meet "your changing body's" needs as you work towards achieving your fitness goals.

By using your basic senses, your diet plan will be effective and successful - and after all - that's what you're shooting for, right?


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