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Best Fast Food Choices for Dieters

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What are the best choices at KFC for dieters based on caloric content?

When KFC introduced their grilled chicken, dieters flocked to their restaurants in herds - with high anticipation and they were not disappointed. The grilled chicken remains at the top of our list for low calorie options for dieters.

Vegetables, Grain Selections & Desserts for Dieters

KFC also offers several healthy selections of vegetables from their menu - from mashed potatoes to green beans to cole slaw to baked beans to corn on the cob to potato wedges and potato salad.

We'll also find a few pasta salads on the menu - including macaroni salad.

As to the grain group, they offer both biscuits and cornbread muffins.

And for dessert we have several selections that can fit into a healthy weight loss plan such as their Oatmeal Raisin Cookie for about 150 calories. Even their apple turnover contains only 250 calories which is quite good for a pastry-type dessert. Do stay away from the Lil' Bucket Lemon Creme Parfait Cup at 400 calories; the chocolate version contains far less at 280.

We also recommend that you stay away from the Colonel's chicken pot pie as it weighs in at a hefty 790 calories and upwards to 45 total fat grams; this is not to be pecked by anyone on a serious weight loss plan - unless they choose to peck at it with a friend or family member, thus halving the caloric content - along with the dietary fat content.

KFC's Grilled Chicken Calories

Let's do a quick comparison of the caloric values of the Original, Extra Crispy and the Grilled versions of chicken to example how many calories that you can save by opting for the wiser menu choice.


Original Recipe

Extra Crispy Recipe

Spicy Crispy

Healthier Grilled Selection

Whole Wing




















As we can see at a glance, the grilled chicken recipe can save us quite a number of calories. While the Original Drumstick contains 120 calories and 7 grams of total fat, the Grilled Chicken Drumstick contains only 80 calories and 4.5 total fat grams.

When it comes to the Original Wing, the Spicy Crispy recipe contains 160 calories while the Grilled Wing contains less than one-half that amount at 80 skinny calories. And just look at that chicken breast!

When it's of the Extra Crispy Recipe it contains over 500 jumbo calories - and less than half that amount in the Grilled recipe. Five hundred calories is quite a number and is enough to create a well-rounded meal. What would you rather have? One Extra Crispy chicken breast or the following: one Grilled chicken breast, 1 serving of green beans, one serving of mashed potatoes and gravy plus one biscuit. The total values equal only 35 more calories at 545.

Wiser Choices Equals More Food

Making smarter choices equals - more food on the meal plate. More food on the meal plate can equal a happier dieter and one that receives adequate nutritional needs.

If you are in the mood for Chicken Strips, you can enjoy three for 390 calories and about 21 total fat grams or two for 260 calories and 14 total fat grams.

Thinking Small for Fat Loss

The Snackers are also a good choice for dieters and most contain about 300 calories each.

It's difficult to beat an order of KFC's healthy green beans for 25 calories - and they are fat-free. That biscuit will cost 180 calories and 8 fat grams while the corn muffin tilts over 200 calories and 9 fat grams.

We do recommend that you stay away from the Crispy Twister; while it is delicious it is extreme in caloric values - topping 600 calories and 37 total fat grams.


Good Menu Choices at Kentucky Fried Chicken Based on Caloric Content

Original Drumstick = 120 calories/7 grams fat

Original Wing = 120 calories/7 grams fat

3 Chicken Strips = 390 calories/21 grams fat

Mashed Potatoes & Gravy = 120 calories/4 grams fat

Green Beans = 25 calories/0 grams fat

Biscuit = 180 calories/8 grams fat

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