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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What are the best choices at Subway Restaurant for dieters based on caloric content?

We cannot say enough good things about Subway.

This 'fast food' chain has paved the way for a means of enjoying a delicious, light - yet filling, HEALTHY meal for those of us on-the-go who are watching our weight.

Healthier Foods Equal Healthier Body & Longer, Higher Quality of Life

Subway Restaurant is THE pattern that fast food chains must follow in order to survive in the new world, because sooner or later, the public is going to demand to be served healthier foods for a healthier body and a longer life.

You can order almost anything on the menu at Subway without guilt except the cookies, the Fresh Toasted Sandwiches and a few more menu items that tend to be just a tab high in caloric values; we'll touch base on those below.  

But do take note that a cookie shouldn't have the power to destroy your weight loss plan. At some point you'll need to learn to manage and control favorite foods such as cookies in your daily diet in order to maintain your recommended weight.

And if you're a Diet Bites reader then you know what to do; simply account for the caloric values contained in the cookie in your daily total.

Veg-Heads Have a Good Head on Their Shoulders

If you haven't tried Subway's Veggie Delite - the one without the meat, then please do!  We were pleasantly surprised the first time that we enjoyed one so many years ago - and after all this time, we're still loving them. One six-inch submarine sandwich contains only 230 calories and 2.5 grams of fat. Of course, you'll need to add just a few calories for the spread that you choose as well as cheese that you might wish to add to your sub. You can even order your sandwich toasted.

If you're in the mood for turkey, their Turkey Breast Sandwich contains only 280 calories and 3.5 total fat grams. Again, you'll need to adjust the total calories for the types of spread that you order as well as any added cheese. In addition, the types of bread that you choose will also influence the nutritional values as well as the amount of energy contained therein.

Six or Twelve Inch Sandwich?

What about a six inch Subway Club for only 310 calories and 4.5 grams of total fat?

While there are so many great things on the menu for dieters at Subway Restaurant, there are a few menu selections that you may wish to avoid - or if you do enjoy, be sure to watch what you eat for the remainder of the day.

The six-inch Chicken Parmesan contains 510 calories and 17 total fat grams. That is still a lot better, nutrition-wise than most large burgers sold at other popular fast food chains.

Another sandwich that is higher in caloric values is the six-inch Meatball Pepperoni Melt at 600 calories and almost 30 fat grams. Also the six-inch Chicken & Bacon Ranch Melt with 570 calories and 28 total fat grams as well as the Big Philly Cheesesteak six-incher for 500 calories and about 17 fat grams.

Don't forget about their delicious soups - none of which contain over 250 calories. They even serve a nice chili con carne for less than 300 calories and 8 total fat grams.

As to those delicious cookies, they all hover around 200 calories per cookie - but they are very large cookies.


Good Menu Choices for Dieters Based on Caloric Content

6 inch Veggie Delite = 230 calories/2.5 grams fat

6 inch Turkey Breast = 280 calories/3.5 grams fat

6 inch Subway Club = 310 calories/4.5 grams fat

See more calories and nutritional information for Subway Restaurant.

Calories in the Fresh Toasted Sandwiches - eeek - see here for calories & nutritional info (grab a tissue first!)

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