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Best Fast Food Choices
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What are the best choices at Pizza Hut for dieters based on caloric content?

Can you still enjoy pizza and lose weight too? Sure you can.  You just need to make sure that you order healthier versions as well as limit the amount that you eat.

The Elements of Nutrition, Distribution of Health - Yes it can be very healthy.

Because pizza contains a bread crust and cheese topping, the caloric values can add up very quickly. The caloric difference between a thin crust pizza and a deep dish pizza is several hundred calories at times, depending upon where the pizza is ordered and of course, the recipe used by the restaurant.

Therefore, a weight loss tip that you can use to keep calories and fat at a minimum is to choose thin crust pizzas.  Another diet tip is to choose versions which contain vegetables and lean proteins.

Best Selections for Dieters

Let's view some of the better choices on the menu at Pizza Hut - and yes, their pizza is so delicious. Let's take a look at their hand tossed, medium pizza.

If we enjoy a Veggie Lovers Pizza, one slice contains about 280 calories and only 6 total grams of fat. That's excellent for a slice of pizza - and that slice is quite generous. You can enjoy two slices for 560 calories - but keep in mind that you'll need to enjoy a breakfast and dinner of about 400 calories each if you are on a 1,500 calorie weight loss plan. This will equal about 1,400 calories total - with enough room to add two healthy fruit selections at snack time.

Let's move to Pizza Hut's Supreme variety. One slice contains about 335 calories and 11 grams fat. We've now entered new territory as we can't comfortably fit two slices of this version into our diet menu. Enjoy one and be done and be sure to order a low calorie beverage to accompany your meal along with a nice healthy side salad. Go light when choosing your salad dressing and ix-nay on the croutons, bacon bits and other additives which can blow your salad over the moon and back again, only to land directly on your bathroom scales.

A slice of the Ham variety contains about 330 calories per slice with 12 total grams of fat.

If you enjoy the Taco Pizza, one slice of a medium pie will cost about 310 calories and 13 fat grams.

Again, this is entering territory that has been previously chartered by a plethora of dieters - and enjoy two slices will place your total calories in jeopardy if you over indulge for breakfast and your other main meal of the day, including those snack times. If you are able to keep your calories under control, then go for two slices.

But take note before doing such that there are several other lower calorie options on the restaurant menu that might be worth your time in investigating particularly when it involves Pizza Hut's Thin 'N Crispy menu selections.

The Veggie Lovers pizza contains only 225 calories and 8 dietary fat grams per slice - so what a diet deal, eh? And you get the healthy benefits of vegetables, along with a bit of fiber which can keep the digestive system moving smoothly along.

If you prefer a slice of Pepperoni - then go for it at only 235 calories per slice along with 10 dietary fat grams. That's pretty awesome for pepperoni pizza where caloric values are concerned - as well as the amount of total dietary fat.



Good Caloric Menu Choices for Dieters

Ham = 330 calories/12 grams fat

Cheese = 245 calories/10 grams fat

Pepperoni = 235 calories/10 grams fat

Veggie Lovers = 225 calories/8 grams fat

Pepperoni Lovers = 290 calories/14 grams fat

The Basic Five Food Groups Contained Therein

A slice of Thin 'N Crispy Cheese Pizza contains only 245 calories with 10 grams of fat. Even the Pepperoni Lovers selection contains less that 300 calories per slice with 14 total fat grams.

The pizza is an amazing culinary creation as it contains all five basic food groups - rather, it is capable of doing such. The grain group resides in the crust, the vegetable group via added vegetable selections, the fruit group is also included in the form of pineapple 'and ham' as well as the tasty tomato sauce used to prepare the pie. The protein and dairy group servings can be satisfied in the cheese toppings as well as the added lean meat selections.

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