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Best Fast Food Choices
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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

What are the best choices at Burger King for dieters based on caloric content?

Unfortunately, it is a challenge to find menu selections at this fast food restaurant that are low in caloric and fat content.

But you're up to the challenge you can find a few selections from the menu that can indeed fit quite nicely.

The Price of Budget Menu Items Often Equals Fat Weight Gain

As an example, if you order the Whopper combination with the small drink and small fries, it contains 1,200 calories. Most weight loss plans contain just a few more calories than this for all three of the daily menus. Simply put, you end up with one burger - a wad of greasy fries and a beverage that contains empty calories when this menu selection is ordered. We need to do much better than this - and we can.

The Whopper Jr. makes a better selection over the full-blown Whopper for 340 calories and 19 total fat grams - five of which are in the form of saturated fat. At least you'll get some vegetables along with the protein patty contained in the burger. Add cheese and the negative nutritional values increase. Opting for mustard over the Mayo can save calories and fat grams.

Wiser Menu Choices for Fast Food

The small hamburger is one of your best choices at this restaurant and it contains about 260 calories. It also contains about 10 Grams of total fat with four of those grams in the form of saturated fat.

Another good option is Burger King's Tendergrill salad which contains a tab over 200 calories and is low in dietary fat grams at 7 total grams of fat and only 3 grams of saturated fat.  Just be certain to watch the type of salad dressing that you enjoy because the type that you choose can end up containing more calories than the entire salad.

The Tendercrisp salad isn't a bad choice either and the caloric values are minimal considering we're talking about battered chicken. The entire salad contains 410 calories, 22 total fat grams and 5 saturated fat grams.



Best Caloric Values for Dieters at Burger King

Small Hamburger = 260 calories/10 grams total fat

Tendergrill Salad = 230 calories/7 grams total fat

Tendercrisp Salad = 410 calories/22 grams total fat

Veggie Burger = 410 calories/16 grams total fat

Menu Selections to Avoid While Dieting (or not)

There are some items on the menu you that you need to avoid such as the fried onion rings.  The large order of rings contains 500 calories while the medium order contains over 400 calories.  Other items to avoid include the fries, shakes and the sugary sodas which contain empty calories. While dieting, you need every calorie to count in the area of nutritional values which is a challenge for restricted-calorie plans.

If you must order fries then stick to the value pack which contains 240 calories. Like the onion rings the large order of fries contains 500 calories.  You will need to avoid both of these menu items while you're trying to lose weight.

If you're visiting this restaurant for breakfast the maple oatmeal makes an excellent choice for about 170 calories.

While Burger King might not be the best fast food stop on the planet for dieters, there are several items that can still be enjoyed while keeping values in check.

As with all restaurants there are specific elements to watch for before ordering.

- At the top of our list resides the caloric content. Next in line is the dietary fat content, particularly the saturated and Trans fat content.

- You also need to watch menu selections that are extreme in sodium content which can trigger false pounds.

- Keep both eyes on the cholesterol content of selections as well.

Making smarter choices can assist in weight loss but making poor choices can set the scene for diet failure. Choose wisely and then enjoy your selections without the guilt.

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