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Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Which menu selections at McDonalds can best fit into your diet menu plate?

Many Good Choices for Dieters on the Menu

There are a number of great choices for the dieter at McDonald's restaurant.

Let's start with their small hamburger that contains a little under 300 calories.  You can add cheese for just a few calories more.

Another fantastic selection from the menu is the fish sandwich.  Even with cheese and tartar sauce it still contains under 400 calories.

While their Fish McBites are quite tasty, we feel that the well-rounded fish sandwich (Fillet-O-Fish) not only makes a better choice for your weight loss plan, but it is also a better buy - and yes, it just tastes a lot better. The fish bites contain far too much batter and there is all that sauce or tartar sauce that they get dipped into - which only adds more fat to the selection.

The tasty wraps are also about 300 calories and are quite filling. Ask your server to go light on the dressing and pick the reduced fat options for your wrap. The grilled chicken contains far less calories than the fried version.

The chicken nuggets contain about 50 calories each and if you order these be sure to enjoy with the lighter dipping sauces or with a packet of honey which is a natural sweetener. It goes quite well with the chicken nuggets.

Even the Budget Friendly Menu Selections Make Good Choices

Another very good choice from the menu is the McChicken which contains 360 calories each. Be sure to tell your server to go light on the sandwich spread which can add several more calories and fat grams to your sandwich.

This selection is quite substantial and will stick to your ribs for hours to come. Enjoy with a diet beverage; you can also request that a bit more lettuce be added to the sandwich so you'll get in a healthy dose of vegetables. Yes, lettuce isn't king when it comes to vitamins and nutrients - but every little bit assists, and lettuce does act as roughage in the daily diet. When losing weight, any bit of fiber is a good thing.

About Fat Free & Grilled Selections

If you opt for a salad, go with the fat free herb vinaigrette for 30 tiny calories. All others contain over 100 calories per pack, with some sauces crossing over into the scary side of dieting. Adding croutons and crackers will also add fat and calories to your salad.  

The grilled chicken for your salad is quite delicious and satisfying.  While you may miss or prefer the flavor of the fried chicken keep in mind your goal which is to lose weight while satisfying your personal taste.

The grilled chicken makes a terrific and healthy option over the fried chicken - and it's just logical thinking to opt for grilled over fried. The grilled chicken allows you to enjoy your meal without guilt while keeping you on track with your weight loss goals.  It's also important to keep in mind that your end-goal is to lose those unhealthy pounds - not to gussy-up on fried chicken.

It is equally important to keep in mind that eating everything and anything that we wanted - is what got us into our current overweight condition. Going forward we must start to make some healthier changes in our daily diet plan, not only to drop all those unwanted pounds, but also to maintain our new healthy weight after the weight loss process has ended.

Sure, you can order the fried chicken for a few more calories and fat grams - and if you can keep your daily caloric totals in check, then go for it. But the issue with overweight and obesity is that the individual is addicted to the flavors of foods. For many dieters, once they leap over that edge, they have great issue in pulling back - which can lead to bingeing, which can lead to diet failure - which you don't want to happen.



Good Menu Choices for Dieters Based on Caloric Content

Small Hamburger = 270 calories/9 grams fat

Small Cheeseburger = 320 calories/13 grams fat

Chicken McGrill (NO MAYO) = 340 calories/7 grams fat

Small Fries = 210 calories/10 grams fat

Chicken Nuggets (4 pieces) = 190 calories/11 grams fat

Coffee, Dessert Offerings

As to coffee selections stick to ordering the nonfat milk selections and keep away from the added syrups which will only add empty calories to your meal. Also watch the other types of beverages that you order as they can be extreme in caloric values as well as in dietary fat content - particularly the shakes. Yes, they are delicious - but no, you don't need those calories or fat grams right now; you need to lose weight and you need to stay on track with your diet plan.

If you must have a dessert, do a low fat ice cream cone for 150 calories. Don't be tempted by the Fruit & Yogurt Parfaits which pack close to 400 calories for a tiny serving.

While the cookies are absolutely delicious also avoid these.  Unfortunately most contain upwards to 200 calories or more and it only takes a couple of seconds to eat a cookie. At least the low fat ice cream cone will take a while to consume.

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