3 Ingredient Recipe for
Diet Pimento Appetizers

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

Low Calorie Pimento Appetizer Recipe for Dieters

Minimal Ingredient Recipe, Easy to Make & No Bake

Our simple and easy low calorie recipe for Pimento Appetizers - contains only 3 ingredients and requires no baking.

Did we mention that it's a lower fat appetizer? Yes indeed - it will blow your Diet Socks straight into Neverfat Land.  

These work well at parties and your guests will quirk their eyebrows, ultra-impressed. Why, you'll be the hit of your own party!

Recipe for Diet Pimento Appetizers

You will need the following ingredients to prepare this recipe:

1 Ounce of Light Pimento Cheese, any reduced fat variety 
1 Small Flour Tortilla (90 calories)

1 Slice of Microwaved Bacon - Drained and blotted free of grease and visible oil

Toothpicks With Frilly Tops

Prepare the appetizer recipe shortly before the party or event is scheduled to start as the tortillas tend to dry out over time when exposed to air.

How to Prepare, Two Different Recipes

First we'll begin using prep instructions for the naked tortilla. We'll follow-up with a cooked version.

Diet Appetizer Recipe #1

To prepare, crumble the cooked bacon and mix with pimento cheese spread. These two ingredients pair so well with one another; the flavor combination is a wowser!

A few mentionables....

We'll add a note about the pimento cheese spread at this point. There are several different versions at the market such as jalapeno. Any variety that you like will work. And if you don't like the lower fat - then use your favorite and simply be mindful of the caloric content. If you opt for the full-blown, then enjoy just a little less.

Now that we have incorporated the smoky flavor of the bacon with the cheese, let's cut 3 small circles of 'dough' from the tortilla. Spoon the low fat pimento cheese into each circle.

Close circle and seal by using frilly toothpick. Draw the edges of the flour tortilla up at the top to secure with toothpick, forming a tiny bag of sorts. You'll end up with three appetizers.

This recipe contains about 275 calories.

Of course - if you're planning on using this recipe for a party or an event you'll need to increase the recipe.

Just keep in mind that each flour tortilla makes three appetizers.

For a party containing 25 people you would need the following amount of ingredients so that each person can enjoy three appetizers:

25 Ounces of Light Pimento Cheese
25 Small Flour Tortilla (90 calories each)
25 Slices of Microwaved Bacon

Diet Appetizer Recipe #2

Simply mix the bacon and pimento cheese spread. Cut the flour tortilla into three circles as directed above - and here is where the recipe differs from the first. Using cooking spray, cook the tortillas on the stove top using a non-stick pan until they are golden on both sides, using more spray if necessary.

The circles may be cooked OR the entire tortilla before it is cut into the circles. Proceed as directed above.

No additional caloric values will be added as the cooking spray contains zero calories.

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