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Dessert to Satisfy the Chocoholic

Do you blush easily? Then get ready to do just that with this sweet lower fat, tasty diet recipe for Diet Cherry Brownie Winks.  

And if you're a chocolate lover, then get ready to do a double blush.  

As to brownie recipes, let's face facts: Brownies are high in fat and calories. Sure, we can make the recipe more friendly in the area of calories and fat grams but we won't end-up with fudgy brownies.

In our recipe we used the Little Debbie Light, Reduced Fat Brownies. They are fudgy and very chocolately - and we wanted to take them up just a notch without adding a lot of calories and fat to the recipe.

The following brownie recipe is for six appetizer-size treats. This recipe makes a lovely presentation for parties if arranged on a silver or red serving tray. And they are easy to eat - bite sized. And better yet - there is no baking required, so even the small tots can help prepare this recipe.

Diet Cherry Brownie Winks Recipe

1 Little Debbie Light/Low fat Brownie

6 Maraschino Cherries, Drained & Blotted Dry (these contain a skinny 10 calories each)

1 Teaspoon of Powdered Sugar

Roll out the Little Debbie brownie using your rolling pin and waxed paper. Next, began molding the flattened brownie around each cherry. Roll in powdered sugar if desired.  

Total calories for entire recipe: About 225.

If you are preparing this recipe for a party or event simply use more ingredients. Allow six appetizers each as these are nominal in caloric content as brownies go. For 25 people you would need the following ingredients:

25 brownies, low fat variety
150 Maraschino Cherries

25 Teaspoons of Powdered Sugar

Commercially Prepared Cupcakes Equal Quick Desserts

Lower or reduced fat varieties will of course save fat grams which in turn will reduce caloric values. The key to keeping values low is in preparing appetizer type foods out of the commercially produced foods.

For example, a delicious cake starts by stacking one layer of your favorite tiny cakes - such as Ding Dongs, Twinkies or Suzi Q's. Spread on a layer of reduced or fat-free whipped topping. Add one more layer of the tiny cakes - and 'frost' with additional topping. Decorate with sprinkles of your choice or sugar crystals.

One Twinkie contains about 150 kcals; with the whipped topping it doesn't even top 200 kcals. That's pretty nominal for a rich, delicious dessert.

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