Diet Halloween Disaster!  
Halloween Dieting Tips

Written by Sky Taylor, Diet Bites

diet halloween recipeshealthy halloween recipeshealthy halloween recipes

Dieting amid the holidays can be very challenging and we have tips to help!

Treats were scattered everywhere! Cakes on the table, pies on the hearth and all that candy in the bags of those little kids that rang your front doorbell.

It was enough to make a grown man, and yes, even a grown woman, cry.

And OH YES, you surrendered to sweetness and entered the Goody Gates of Granulated Sugar, sending the numbers on your scale up three pounds in one elaborate night of feasting.

Oh my, it was Halloween Disaster Night!

Let's see how we can mend our wicked ways before we trip and go flying right off the Old Diet Trail, falling directly into the black hole known as Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years.

Dieting Now Rather Than Following the Thanksgiving & Christmas Holidays

Because if we don't stop the feasting urge now, then before we know it, we're eating our way through the rest of the year, otherwise known as 'The Golden Feasting Quarter'.

And while it's fun to visit and feast to our little heart's content, right after New Years, no one is allowed in the holiday feasting hall until the next Halloween appears. So there the frightened dieter stands with a stale piece of fruitcake locked tight into their greedy little hands, uncertain whether to bury the thing and get it out of its misery - or keep it as a remembrance of those fond holidays gone by.

Sad but so, with the holiday at a close - the individual is faced with two options. They can get back on track with weight loss or continue feasting in the plowed meadow until Cupid appears with his pack of trusty arrows and box of nut-filled chocolates packed in a heart-shaped box.

Know what those arrows are for? No - it's nothing to do with love. After we've consumed every last morsel of nut and chocolate, he takes them and shoots them into our heart. We-humans call this a full-blown heart attack.

Therefore, if you accidentally ate too much during your Halloween celebration, don't panic.  There's something very unkind about weight gain.  The longer that it stays on the body, the harder it is to get off.  So by acting swiftly, you can certainly erase the damage before it settles onto your hips, thighs and upper lip areas. And let me say that a fat upper lip is nothing to bray about.

Here are some tips to help you mend the damage.

Stick to Recommended Serving Size for Foods & Drinks

diet halloween recipes  For the next three days, stick to a healthy diet with 'normal' portions.  

Forego all sweets, and yes, this includes cookies and chocolates filled with nuts, even if they are packed inside a red, heart-shaped box. And if something with long ears and square teeth suddenly materializes on the scene - you aren't imagining things; just get away from this Harvey-Wanna-Be as quickly as possible or you risk a candy-egging which in turn produces pounds as fast as a bunny rabbit produces offspring.

Forego Snacks to Keep Unwanted Pounds From Collecting

diet halloween recipes  Ix-nay on the snacks.  Remember, you enjoyed yourself during your Happy Halloween Bash, so it's time to get Diet Serious or risk having Diet Damage.

Switching Beverages for Water, Keeping Away From Fried Foods, Fatty Spreads

diet halloween recipes  Concentrate your beverage intake on water and lemon. Or, go with the diet drinks. If you like orange juice - look for the sugar reduced 50 calories per serving variety. It's so good!

diet halloween recipes Stay away from fried things.  It might help to repeat this little ditty should the fry-urge come calling, "Fry and die."

diet halloween recipes Skip butter, sugar, syrup and Mayo and instead consider the following: Karo reduced sugar syrup which contains 110 calories per serving and no sugar substitutes, reduced fat Miracle Whip Light and reduced fat margarine.

Walking Increases Metabolic Health, Thus Increases Metabolic Rate

diet halloween recipes Make it a point to go for a good walk for the next few evenings.  The hotter weather is drifting away, and it's quite nice out during the evening hours.  

Be sure and catch a glimpse of an autumn moon - as sometimes it looks like it is going to reach out and kiss you.

With a little savvy diet planning, those pounds that would have stuck to your hips won't even have time to get the seat warm.


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